Ein WSW Entwickler konfiguriert ein Mapping an seinem Computer.

EDI Mapping

Efficient and stable mapping for smooth EDI communication

The nuts and bolts of your success as supplier and thus, a competitive factor, is the fast and smooth EDI-based collaboration with customers and partners in the supply chain. A central prerequisite is efficient mapping of inbound and outbound EDI messages.

Converting and interpreting EDI data correctly

During mapping, inbound EDI messages, such as purchase orders or forecast delivery schedules, are converted into the data format your business software can process. In the case of SAP software, these are the different SAP IDoc formats. Here, besides the technically correct conversion, the correct interpretation of the data transmitted by the customer regarding location, date, and time of a JIS delivery is important to meet the customer’s specifications.

Outbound EDI messages, such as advanced shipping notifications, delivery notes, or invoices, must be precisely adjusted to the guidelines of the respective customer with respect to format, structure, and content using mapping. A delivery note or invoice not meeting the requirements of the customer in all details could lead to high financial penalties or long payment delays.


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Suitable mappings for every EDI requirement

The technical and professional mapping implementation is quite complicated for suppliers. In the automotive industry, every manufacturer (OEM) has their own requirements on the EDI exchange and there are numerous EDI standards, such as VDA (Germany), Edifact, ANSI X12 (USA), ODETTE or ANFAVEA RND (Brazil).

In addition, there are proprietary EDI formats and diverse transmission protocols, such as AS2-4, HTTP, FTP, OFTP, X.400, ebMS. The complexity increases even more, as the OEMs continuously extend their JIS processes resulting in a continuous increase in the data volume per EDI message.

Efficient implementation with experienced partner

To keep up with the changes, existing mappings must be continuously adjusted and new mappings developed quickly. Here, the support of an experienced partner such as WSW Software is required, who has comprehensive knowledge in this field, provides many mappings “out of the box”, and promptly implements new requirements. This way, you establish an efficient and stable EDI communication – to the satisfaction of your customers.