Logistics Processes

End-to-End Logistics Processes from a Single Source

As a supplier, component manufacturer or logistics service provider, your competitiveness depends to a great extent on exemplary logistics processes. Customers expect you to deliver their products to the correct unloading point or assembly line reliably, on time, in the agreed quantity and quality, and in the prescribed packaging.

Execute complex logistics processes with IT support

Companies that manage their logistics processes with end-to-end IT support are ahead of the game. Namely starting from order receipt and picking right through to packaging and the collection of transports, including weight calculation and labeling, as well as dispatch. In the case of deliveries beyond EU borders, the logistics process is only deemed to be completed with the confirmation of arrival.

Furthermore, end-to-end IT support genuinely comes into its own for complex logistics processes, such as third-party order processing, subcontracting or just-in-sequence (JIS) delivery. For example, in the case of third-party order processing, you can easily incorporate the customer's forecast delivery schedules or JIT delivery schedules into your sales scheduling agreement (SD) and send this to the third-party suppliers via the purchasing scheduling agreement (MM) – regardless of whether they are external suppliers or your plants. Conversely, your ERP software seamlessly processes the electronic shipping notification, which triggers the delivery of the finished components to the customer from the third-party supplier.


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Automatically Processing and Checking JIS Release Orders

The requirements are very extensive and complex if, as an automotive supplier, you deliver just-in-sequence components directly to the assembly lines of your customers, the automobile manufacturers or system suppliers. In this demanding industry, it is especially important that your IT systems can automatically process and check the JIS release orders from the customers, including the sequencing information they contain.

This is the key to ensuring the right parts reach the customer at the right time, in the right quantity, and in the order specified in the production sequence. The devil is in the details here since individual OEMs usually have specific requirements in terms of release order logic, packaging, container formation, labeling, and delivery – all of which must be adhered to meticulously. Examples include Audi's pearl-chain principle, BMW JIS deliveries and HONDA JIS deliveries, for which HONDA must certify the suppliers.

Replenishment control with Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

In the case of VMI, the goods remain in the possession of the supplier until they are removed and paid for by the customer. The responsibility for the supply of goods - i.e. inventory management and replenishment planning - is transferred to the supplier or to an external service agency (ESA).

For the customer, VMI increases availability, preserves liquidity, saves storage costs and shortens delivery times. The supplier consolidates long-term customer loyalty with its customized delivery service.

The IT-side mapping of VMI processes is not trivial. The supplier always needs accurate information about:

  • permitted minimum and maximum stocks
  • permitted minimum and maximum range
  • planned sales/demands/forecast stock of the customer (or the ESA)
  • notifications of receipt from the customer
  • withdrawal messages from the customer

For the VMI concept to work for both sides, the following prerequisites are important: Automated data exchange, transparency in the processes, efficient replenishment control.

Logistics Optimization with Know-how from WSW Software

Given the complex requirements, you are well advised to use the services of an experienced partner. We at WSW Software support you in all matters of logistics and JIS processing with our high process, consulting and solution competence and services from a single source. Together with you, we determine the IT solution that is best suited for your purposes. With SPEEDI, for example, we have a powerful integration and solution platform with countless proven SAP-based add-ons in our portfolio. SPEEDI is seamlessly and release-compatibly integrated into SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA, complements and extends the SAP standard in all areas (SD, MM, FI-CO, GTS). In addition, our self-sufficient JIS and logistics platform LOJISTIXis available, which allows you to implement smart logistics processes with JIS requirements from a single source.