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Customs and foreign trade

Exchange of goods without borders – efficient and legally compliant

As exporting company, smooth handling of international trade processes is relevant to your competitive positioning. Whether preference determination, long-term vendor declaration (LTVD), confirmation of arrival, customs tariff number maintenance or electronic import, export, or shipping processes (ATLAS, AES, NCTS): The processes in the course of border-crossing goods exchange with customers and partners are usually complex, in particular, as the legal requirements of more than one country must be met in detail.

Competitive advantage through efficiency and transparency

To ensure your competitive advantage in this dynamic business area, you need integrated and automated processes of high efficiency, quality, transparency, and legal compliance. However, even the SAP environment has still many gaps in this regard. Many companies handle the challenging customs and foreign trade tasks outside of their ERP system – on paper, using Microsoft Office solutions, or with a special software.

Only the integration of customs and foreign trade processing in SAP ERP and/or SAP GTS – preferably with solutions seamlessly integrated in the SAP software – enables quick and easy completion of the corresponding tasks. Thanks to streamlined processes, your persons responsible for customs have more leeway to exploit the strategic sales potential offered by border-crossing trade relation in the form of customs advantages in the best possible way.


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Strict compliance with legal regulations

Another key factor for your business success is the customs and compliance conformity of SAP-based foreign trade processes at all times. In other words, you must ensure strict compliance with national as well as international legal regulations and document all imports and exports without gaps – keyword sanctions and embargo lists. This requires the support by an experienced partner such as WSW Software, who has the process and consulting competence required in the SAP environment and promptly implements any adjustments to new legal regulations.