WSW SAP-Beraterin im Gespräch mit einem Kunden.

SAP Consulting

SAP consulting at the highest level - individual, competent, and solution-oriented

In today's dynamic business environment, your competitiveness as component supplier in the automotive and electronics industry or as component manufacturer also depends on consistent and smooth handling of all business processes. However, as the requirements change constantly, the processes must be continuously optimized, further developed, adjusted, and modernized.

More than 30 years of SAP consulting

Whether you use SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA: We here at WSW Software support you in the SAP environment with our business, process-oriented, and technological consulting competence, which is based on more than 30 years of experience.

As innovative and reliable partner, we increase the efficiency of your SAP-supported processes, from purchasing to materials management, production, sales, and shipping, up to accounting as well as customs and foreign trade processing.


Are you looking for an experienced, innovative, and reliable SAP consulting partner, who optimizes, extends, adjusts and modernizes your SAP-based business processes for the digital transformation? We look forward to advising you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

Familiar with special processes

Our highly qualified consultants are also well familiar with complex process requirements as they occur in packaging material scheduling or when delivering to customers in the automotive industry via forecast delivery schedule or Just in Sequence (JIS) – keyword OEM processes. Automotive manufacturers often send additional data such as a RAN with the forecast delivery schedule. Your task as component supplier is to route this information through your SAP system so that it also appears in the EDI advanced shipping notification, the delivery note, or on the invoice at the time of delivery.

Our consultants ensure that your SAP system processes all information, hence including the additional data, from inbound SAP IDoc data records completely and without errors and that outbound SAP IDocs, but also shipping labels and forms contain all information required by the customer. Wherever possible, our consultants use the solutions and modules of the SAP-based SPEEDI platform, which supplements and extends the SAP Standard without modifications, for this purpose.

With our JUNIQ® add-on designed for operation on SAP S/4HANA, you can make optimum use of the new technical possibilities of this ERP suite in the future. It thus supports you efficiently in the development of data-driven processes and business models in the course of the digital transformation.

Know-how transfer as a competitive factor

Thanks to our membership in the German Automobile Industry Association (VDA), our consultants are informed early on about new OEM processes or recommendations for the EDI communication in the supply chain. This know-how is immediately transferred to you as customer and is thus incorporated into your SAP processes in a timely manner. In today’s dynamic business environment, this know-how transfer is a competitive factor.

Consistent expansion of our consulting portfolio

At the same time, we here at WSW Software continuously extend our consulting portfolio in the SAP environment. For example, we have merged our know-how in Business Analytics into a new business unit, which supports you from A to Z and with services from a single source in the realizations of a tailored and future-oriented Business Analytics solution. This is a real added value, as well as the fact that the predefined, modular KPI packages in our Business Analytics Suite YODA® enable you to get started quickly and cost-effectively with the query and analysis of the key figures that are relevant to your business.