Motoren auf mit einem MES gesteuerten Fließband.


Modern Manufacturing Execution System with seamless traceability, free configuration and intuitive operation

The web-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) maps all production lines and work stations as digital twins and mirrors the processes on the shop floor and production logic one to one. The target-actual comparisons of process parameters are performed in real time. Process interlocking functions automatically intervene if there are irregularities and, if necessary, block the further production.

Seamless product and process traceability

MES VALERIS maps all production lines and work stations as digital twins and mirrors the processes on the shop floor and production logic one to one. VALERIS ensures a seamless traceability of manufactured products and processes. While this traceability is anchored in the guidelines of the Product Safety Act (ProdSG) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), it is also a decisive factor in terms of the company's ability to respond satisfactorily to customer inquiries at any time.

Maximum process reliability and product quality

VALERIS enables a target/actual comparison of process parameters in real time as well as digital execution and confirmation of test instructions. In this way, faulty products can already be identified directly on the line. In addition, process interlocking functions automatically intervene if there are irregularities and, if necessary, block the further production of the product. The early detection of faulty products and the locking significantly increase the level of safety of the manufacturing processes.

Freely configurable – without additional IT knowledge

Thanks to the low code modeling approach, logical relationships and dependencies of processes are mapped in VALERIS via a graphical editor for pre-defined actions (e.g. read/write/scan actions and more). Specialized users and process engineers can easily and quickly configure process and production parameters themselves without additional IT know-how. They can then be compared with target values or historical data or linked to the reporting process.

In the future, it will also be possible to create precisely-tailored worker dialogs independently that are aimed at maximum usability. This frees up your in-house IT department and reduces the strain on your IT budget by eliminating the costs for external IT consultants.


Would you like to permanently optimize shop floor processes, establish seamless traceability, and implement Industry 4.0 scenarios with VALERIS? We look forward to advising you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

Intuitive operation thanks to UX (User Experience) design

VALERIS has an ultra-modern user interface in UX-Design. Dialog support intuitively, efficiently and reliably guides users through all process, configuration or administration steps.


Industry 4.0 and IIoT ready

VALERIS acts as a link between field, control and company levels. Using OPC-UA and many other interfaces, Industry 4.0 and IIoT scenarios can be implemented quickly and easily.
We work closely together with our partner Fesatec on the machine side. Fesatec is a highly experienced engineering company and full-service provider for sound planning and implementation in the fields of automation, MSR technology, electrical planning, communication and security technology.


Easily create custom dashboards and reports

VALERIS makes it possible to create custom dashboards quickly and easily. In this way, any employee/decision-maker can be provided with exactly the information they need to complete their tasks.


Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid, On-Premise

VALERIS can be used as a private cloud, public cloud, hybrid or also on-premise solution.

VALERIS is particularly well-suited for small to medium-sized companies with:

  • Series, warehouse, individual or JIS production
  • High requirements for a seamless product traceability
  • Changing production processes
  • Low IT resources and budgets

ITIL-conform 24/7 Support from Germany

We at WSW Software support you with our entire consulting and process know-how in the development and realization of your future MES concept and the implementation of VALERIS. We guarantee the smooth operation of VALERIS with ITIL-compliant support from Germany, around the clock (24/7) if required, and with flexibly scalable service level agreements. Since all services come from a single source, you will receive the best possible care and benefit from VALERIS.

WSW Software GmbH as a member of the MES D.A.CH Verband e.V.

Industry 4.0, big data, llot or global digital transformation are the trends of our time. All these topics have one thing in common: the seamless integration of field, control, operations and corporate management levels is an essential milestone to address and successfully implement these topics.

We at WSW Software GmbH would like to play an active role in the association in order to provide the user with a guide to the context in which these topics should be seen, as well as to be involved in the further development of norms and standards.

At the same time, we expect the association to be able to discover new topics and trends for us as a company through market observations and the regular communication with the association members as part of workshops / events.