ME Solution from WSW Software: Transparency, Efficiency, and Safety for Production

Whether you are a series, stock, single or JIS manufacturer: The starting point for process improvements and seamless tracking and tracing on the shop floor, but also for competition-differentiating Industry 4.0 scenarios, is a clear view of the production process.

Process Optimization through Maximum Transparency

The modern, independent and easy to use solution VALERIS from WSW Software makes this possible. It digitally maps all production lines and workstations and reflects shop floor processes one-to-one. This creates complete transparency in production, from which you can derive a variety of business benefits.

Seamlessly Tracing Products

VALERIS communicates bi-directionally with the production-related systems via OPC-UA and other interfaces and stores the process parameters that it currently receives from the applications. This enables seamless traceability of all products, an essential prerequisite for complying with the guidelines of the Product Safety Act (ProdSG) or the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). You can also respond to inquiries from customers at any time, which positively affects your rating as a supplier.

Improving Product Quality, High Product Reliability

To enhance product quality, VALERIS offers the possibility of comparing the target and actual values of all process parameters in real-time, so that defective products are immediately identified and blocked for production. For additional process reliability, process interlocking functions automatically lock processes if necessary.


Would you like to permanently optimize shop floor processes, establish seamless traceability, and implement Industry 4.0 scenarios with VALERIS? We look forward to advising you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

Realizing Industry 4.0 Scenarios

The actual process parameters from a plant or an industrial scale can also be comprehensively analyzed and compared with target values or historical data. As a result, deviations or malfunctions can be identified immediately, and maintenance or servicing initiated promptly – predictive maintenance in the sense of Industry 4.0. Faults, rejects, and expensive downtimes can be reduced significantly – a real added value.

You can link the VALERIS to your ERP system (e.g., SAP ERP) using flexible interfaces. Shop floor data can be integrated into the ERP processes and the optimization potential in production further increased.

Optimal User Experience, Safe User Guidance

Another big plus of VALERIS is the modern, intuitive interfaces that clearly visualize all data. They offer an optimal user experience (UX) and guide the user through all process steps in a dialog-supported and safe manner so that he can complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

In addition, the VALERIS from WSW Software has an intuitively configurable user, role and skillset management, with which the optimal authorization profile is set for each employee and each individual production step, taking into account the qualification and task profile.


ITIL-conform 24/7 Support from Germany

We at WSW Software support you with our entire consulting and process know-how in the development and realization of your future MES concept and the implementation of VALERIS. We guarantee the smooth operation of VALERIS with ITIL-compliant support from Germany, around the clock (24/7) if required, and with flexibly scalable service level agreements. Since all services come from a single source, you will receive the best possible care and benefit from VALERIS.