Analysis, implementation, support: efficiently integrating EDI from experts

Efficient and – in the case of JIS processes – high available EDI communication with customers and external partners is a business-critical factor for suppliers. Outbound EDI messages must precisely match the guidelines of the business partner with respect to format, structure, and content. Inbound messages must be processed without problems. Using efficient mapping, EDI processes can be integrated into a back-end system.

We here at WSW Software support you with our entire expertise and comprehensive process and consulting know-how, whether you use SAP ERP in connection with our SAP-based SPEEDI platform or our powerful JIS and logistics platform LOJISTIX®.

More than 500 mappings for OEM processes in the SAP environment

Automotive suppliers and/or JIS vendors using SAP ERP and SPEEDI benefit twice: The EDI processes of many manufacturers are already stored as OEM solutions in SPEEDI. Beyond that, we also provide you the necessary mappings and mapping specifications – whose number is continuously increasing.

The portfolio currently consists of more than 500 partner mappings covering almost all process requirements – and making us an acknowledged expert in the area of EDI integration. To convert and incorporate EDI messages into the SAP back end, we prefer B2B solution TradeSync Integration Manager (= TSIM), and as alternative, the SAP Process Integration (SAP PI) component. Based on special agreements, we can also provide mappings for EDI converters of other manufacturers.


You would like to increase the quality of your EDI communication and customer satisfaction through efficient and stable mapping? We are looking forward to consulting you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

LOJISTIX: Benefit from integrated mappings

In the case of JIS processes with customers from the automotive industry, which you process using LOJISTIX, you benefit from a completely integrated EDI conversion, including ready-made mappings for the integration and provision of EDI files in OEM format. This means, LOJISTIX directly processes the original EDI files of the OEM, even if these are transmitted per web service (Jaguar) or in XML format (Fiat) and generates EDI messages in the format requested by the customer.

With that the expenses and costs for acquiring a separate EDI converter are omitted. Using LOJISTIX as a fall-back system offers great advantages, as the local installation assumes the necessary mapping tasks in an emergency. Ready-made and reusable mapping modules ensure high flexibility. Using these as template, mapping requirements in new projects can be implemented quickly.