Central Driver for your JIS Processes

Whether you are an automotive supplier, logistics or sequencing service provider: Your business success significantly depends on your ability to supply customers with components and parts according to the sequence and on schedule. However, just in sequence processing (JIS), due to its complexity also referred to as "supreme discipline", is an enormous challenge.

LOJISTIX – Powerful JIS and Logistics Platform

We here at WSW Software support you with the modern, powerful JIS and logistics platform LOJISTIX, which covers the logistical JIS process completely and thus, becomes your central driver for your JIS processing.

The modular Client Server application provides you with a variety of functions: complete EDI integration (in- and outbound), final assembly control, planning and packing in different containers, labeling, shipping processing based on production-synchronous release orders, and processing of logistically homogeneous processes.


Would you like to derive the greatest possible benefit from your JIS processes with LOJISTIX as driver? We look forward to advising you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

Effective Warehouse Processes, Innovative IIoT Scenarios

What’s more: With LOJISTIX as central driver, you control the processes in the warehouse from goods receipt up to goods issue and for all common types of warehouses consistently and effectively by linking the platform with the LogBase warehouse management system (WMS) from SALT Solutions.

However, above all, LOJISTIX enables innovative Industrial-Internet-of-Things scenarios (IIoT) in terms of Industry 4.0, differentiating you from the completion, as production systems can be directly connected to the solution. This way, data can be exchanged via machine-to-machine communication (M2M), all production orders traced without gaps, and Shop Floor processes optimized at the same time – a real added value.

Quick Setup of Tailored JIS Processes

Thanks to the flexibility of LOJISTIX, you can configure and model all JIS processes quickly, simply and tailored to your requirements: from EDI processing to raw part requests, assembly control, packing, and sequence-compliant container generation, up to truck loading.

In short: LOJISTIX increases the efficiency, flexibility, and transparency in your JIS processes tremendously – whether the application runs autonomously or integrated with your ERP system, whether as leading system or as emergency system.

JIS Competence and Service from One Source

Depending on your availability requirements of business-critical JIS processes, LOJISTIX is implemented centrally or de-centrally on site at the locations. Monitoring functions monitor the installations without gaps, traffic lights signal immediately any errors, e.g., during EDI processing so that you can then quickly and accurately determine the installation and process, where they occurred.

Regardless of whether you decide for a central or de-central installation: We here at WSW Software support you in the implementation of LOJISTIX with our concentrated JIS consulting and process competence and a standardized process methodology that keeps run times short and costs low. Whether support – if needed also around the clock (24/7) – or maintenance of the installed solution via Managed Services: As you obtain all services from one source, you benefit from optimum support and derive maximum benefits from your investment in LOJISTIX.