Logistics Consulting

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To be successful on the market as a supplier, component manufacturer or logistics service provider in the long term, you need logistics and just-in-sequence (JIS) processing that is efficient, flexible and transparent and is continuously being optimized.

More than 30 years of Logistics Experience

At WSW Software, we provide you with consulting, solution and technology competence based on in-depth know-how and more than 30 years of experience.

Since we provide all services – consulting, conceptual design, development, implementation, maintenance, and support – from a single source, you benefit from the best possible support and can implement even demanding logistics projects quickly, on time and economically.

In the areas of production, warehouse management, manufacturing execution system (MES) and machine integration, we also supplement our own expertise with the know-how of our parent company SALT Solutions AG.


Do you want to increase the efficiency, flexibility, and transparency of your logistics processes and thus gain a decisive edge over the competition? We look forward to advising you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

SPEEDI – The First Choice in the SAP Environment

With their standard functions, common ERP systems such as SAP ERP often do not satisfactorily cover specific logistics requirements. At WSW Software, we work with you to plan and deliver a custom solution that pays off quickly and provides you with multiple business benefits.

In the SAP environment, the SAP-based platform SPEEDI is here the first choice. It includes standardized solutions and solution packages using which special sales or shipping-related logistics processes (SD) can be handled directly in SAP ERP: external service provider processing (EDL), third-party processing and subcontracting, shipping and transport processing or scheduling of packaging used.

The SPEEDI Shipping Cockpit also bundles the individual steps involved in order picking and transport processing clearly on an easy-to-use interface, where they can be carried out quickly and conveniently. Moreover, SPEEDI also offers a suitable solution for the certificate of arrival.

A particular highlight is the OEM processes and additional solutions stored in SPEEDI. They "out of the box" represent the individual logistics requirements or the release order logic of numerous OEMs including all forms, and automatically pass all information from a forecast delivery schedule including the additional data (for example RAN number) through the SAP system.

JIS – The Supreme Discipline

If you supply customers with Just in Sequence (JIS), the SPEEDI JIS solution is particularly well suited, which extends the JIT component in SAP ERP without modifications. You can map the JIS processes in the SAP standard in a convenient and practical way through customizing. For example, container and transport planning (truck planning) can be covered in a variety of ways, but also configurable scanning processes to support the container or parts inspection at a later date. Product and rack labels are also printed in a process-controlled way.

If you need a JIS application that is self-sufficient and failsafe around the clock, either as a leading system or as a fallback solution in conjunction with an ERP software such as: SAP ERP, we recommend the use of the JIS and logistics platform LOJISTIX. As the central point of JIS processing, it covers the entire logistical JIS process as well as common OEM-specific processes and can be customized quickly and easily.

Regardless of which logistics or JIS requirements you have: At WSW Software, we support you with our concentrated consulting know-how and a solution tailored to your specific needs, whether SPEEDI, SPEEDI SAP JIS or LOJISTIX.