Customs and foreign trade management

Consulting, software, and service from one source

As an export-oriented company with globally connected logistics chains, you are dependent on powerful IT support for your customs and foreign trade processes. SAP ERP, GTS or S/4HANA already offer good coverage. But just not for every requirement. This is where we can help.


Customs and foreign trade competence from A to Z

We support the optimization of your foreign trade from A to Z with all our experience and our profound consulting, solution and process competence, which we have proven in numerous projects. Services, such as the updating and maintenance of preference rules and statistical commodity codes, complete our range of services for customs and foreign trade.

Our experts establish consistently IT-based, automated, legally compliant customs and foreign trade processing under SAP ERP, GTS or S/4HANA in your company – customized and cost-optimized at the same time. Our comprehensive service portfolio in this area includes all relevant topics: Preference Processing, Long-term Vendor Declaration (LTVD), Confirmation of Arrival, ATLAS/AES processes, sanction lists/embargo checks, Electronic Compliance Reporting (ECR), Intrastat and Extrastat messages.


Would you like to optimize your customs and foreign trade processes under SAP ERP and/or SAP GTS and exploit them to the maximum possible? We are looking forward to consulting you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

SPEEDI - a comprehensive solution platform for customs and foreign trade

Many companies use the SD-FT (Sales and Distribution - Foreign Trade) and MM-FT (Material Master - Foreign Trade) modules in SAP ERP to map customs and foreign trade processes. In many cases, the standard SAP ERP functionalities are not sufficiently comprehensive to cover all processes. SPEEDI solves this problem.

Another challenge is the fact that the foreign trade components are no longer supported by SAP S/4HANA. SAP is replacing them with "S/4HANA International Trade" with its own functionalities, which are no longer congruent with the established functions from SAP ERP. Companies now have to decide how to manage their processes in the future: with S/4HANA International Trade, with the standalone solution GTS (Global Trade Services) or with SPEEDI.

SPEEDI is our powerful integration and solution platform with countless preconfigured functions (processes, monitors, reports, forms) that complement the SAP standard in an investment-proof way.

All SPEEDI solutions are seamlessly integrated into SAP ERP or S/4HANA with release compatibility. For companies whose processes are not sufficiently covered by the SAP standard, SPEEDI is a very good choice. SPEEDI is used worldwide by more than 350 companies in the automotive, electronics, manufacturing or retail industries.

Comparison of the functionalities of SAP Foreign Trade, S/4HANA International Trade, SAP GTS and SPEEDI.


The following IT solutions and services for customs and foreign trade are examples of all the different solutions WSW has to offer in this area.


SPEEDI Preference Processing

The solution SPEEDI Preference Processing closes gaps in SAP, is fully integrated in SAP ERP or S/4HANA and comprehensively covers all 3 disciplines: requesting Long-term Vendor Declaration (LTVD), submitting LTVDs and Preference Determination.

More about SPEEDI Preference Processing


SPEEDI MM Confirmation of Arrival

With the SPEEDI MM Confirmation of Arrival, the processes of consignment confirmation can be consistently automated in SAP ERP. This reduces the administrative effort to a minimum and eliminates time-consuming manual work.

More about SPEEDI Confirmation of Arrival


SPEEDI VAT ID Number Check

With SPEEDI "VAT ID Number Check" you can automatically determine the validity of a VAT ID number in the portal of the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt) or in the VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) search engine of the EU Commission.

More about SPEEDI VAT ID Number Check


3-Month Package AMS for SAP GTS

You need to compensate staff shortages and/or you lack of application know-how? Then you can use our 3-month AMS package for SAP GTS now - incl. System Health Check for € 2,999!                                                                                                  

More about the AMS-Package


Customs and foreign trade with SAP GTS: Comprehensive service offering from a single source

As an export-oriented company that maintains locations within and outside of the EU, you are constantly confronted with new  requirements related to customs and foreign trade processing. An efficient, transparent and legally-compliant processing of the respective processes is therefore critical to your business, especially in turbulent times when it comes to trade policy.


Holistic service portfolio for SAP GTS

This is exactly what SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS) offers. The application covers national and international export and import requirements and automates global trade processes. WSW Software offers all services dealing with SAP GTS, from the fit gap analysis to implementation to modular Application Management Services (AMS), all from a single source. Our advisors will initially use a detailed analysis of your customs and foreign trade processes to determine whether SAP GTS is the right foreign trade solution for your company. If this is the case, our experts will help with the introduction by using all of their expertise and, if necessary, implement extensions after the commissioning, for example a roll-out to other locations, as well as optimizations.


Added value through tailor-made AMS

Regardless of whether you have already been using SAP GTS or have just implemented it: With the tailor-made Application Management Services (AMS) from WSW Software, you can increase the stability and availability of the installation sustainably, while at the same time lowering operating costs and relieving your IT and specialist department.

As part of our AMS and in addition to technical and professional support and consultation – remote or on site – we also offer you an interim representation in case of staff shortage. This combined with the fact that the AMS modules can be flexibly combined as well as the short contract term offers a real added value. In this way, you benefit from services that are fully customized to your requirements without having to commit immediately for the long-term.

Our highly qualified team of experts in Gauting with support in German and English provide for a smooth operation. We provide you with a personal contact partner in line with the “One face to the customer” principle. We ensure an ideal introduction to taking care of your SAP GTS with a transition phase for the transfer of knowledge before taking over the AMS, which you and we design together and that can also be done remotely if desired.


SAP GTS Consultation

Do you want to find out whether SAP GTS is the right SAP foreign trade solution for your company? Are you already using SAP GTS, but want to permanently optimize the operation of the solution with our modular Application Management Services (AMS)? We look forward to advising you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.