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Our services

Powerful IT solutions and services for your business processes

Thanks to our consulting and process expertise in the areas of JIT/JIS and logistics as well as business analytics, EDI mapping and customs and foreign trade, we are able to execute IT and consulting projects quickly and economically – across all industries. We realize innovative, modular and flexible IT solutions that meet the highest demands for integration, quality, visualization and automation, and which can be quickly and flexibly adjusted to new requirements. This means you get all services – consulting, development, ITIL-compliant 24/7 support, managed services – from a single source and thus benefit from the best possible customer care. More than 300 satisfied customers from a wide range of industries around the world rely on our know-how, which is based on more than 30 years of experience.

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Whether your company is in the automotive, electronics or manufacturing industries or commerce: To be successful in the market in the long term – keyword digital transformation, you need high efficiency, flexibility, stability and transparency, and continuous IT support in all business processes.


If your company uses SAP ERP or the SAP Business Suite, SAP S/4HANA is your tool of choice for shaping the digital revolution and ensuring future success in the market.

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Daimler would like to automatically receive incoming goods with RFID technology and, thus, streamline the process. If you as a supplier for Daimler use SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA, you can use our innovative SPEEDI Daimler RFID solution to integrate and map the RFID requirements of this manufacturer in the SAP system. The result is an end-to-end IT-supported, automated, transparent, and thus very efficient solution.

Manufacturing Execution Solution VALERIS®

Whether you are a series, stock, single or JIS manufacturer: The starting point for process improvements and seamless tracking and tracing on the shop floor, but also for competition-differentiating Industry 4.0 scenarios, is a clear view of the production process.

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JIS Consultation

For you, as a supplier, Just in Sequence (JIS) means not only having to adhere precisely to the customer's requirements in terms of quantity, time, place and sequence during delivery, but at the same time trying to increase your own profitability by optimizing your internal production sequences. You can create a viable basis for this with a future-oriented JIS concept in conjunction with a software solution that automatically processes and checks the release of components, including sequence information.

Customs and foreign trade

As exporting company, your competitiveness in trading with international partners and customers highly depends on the efficiency and transparency of the customs and foreign trade processes under SAP ERP and SAP GTS.

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Efficient and – in the case of JIS processes – high available EDI communication with customers and external partners is a business-critical factor for suppliers. Outbound EDI messages must precisely match the guidelines of the business partner with respect to format, structure, and content. Inbound messages must be processed without problems. Using efficient mapping, EDI processes can be integrated into a back-end system.


Whether you are an automotive supplier, logistics or sequencing service provider: Your business success significantly depends on your ability to supply customers with components and parts according to the sequence and on schedule. However, just in sequence processing (JIS), due to its complexity also referred to as "supreme discipline", is an enormous challenge.

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Business Analytics

Whether automotive supplier, machine builder, or pharmaceutical manufacturer: The nuts and bolts of your success are dynamic and anticipating business planning and management based on up-to-date indicators (Key Performance Indicators [KPIs]) from sales, production, and purchasing, combined with reliable business development forecasts.

SAP Development

Even if the standard functions of SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management cover your business and logistics processes in many areas consistently: they reach their limits when mapping individual and industry-specific processes.

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SAP Consulting

In today's dynamic business environment, your competitiveness as component supplier in the automotive and electronics industry or as component manufacturer also depends on consistent and smooth handling of all business processes. However, as the requirements change constantly, the processes must be continuously optimized, further developed, adjusted, and modernized.

Logistics Consulting

To be successful on the market as a supplier, component manufacturer or logistics service provider in the long term, you need logistics and just-in-sequence (JIS) processing that is efficient, flexible and transparent and is continuously being optimized.

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The competitiveness of your company depends largely on the smooth running of time- and business-critical processes such as logistics processing or just-in-sequence (JIS) supply for customers.