YODA SD On-time Delivery

Determine and evaluate own delivery reliability at the push of a button


A remedy is provided by the KPI package "SD On-time Delivery" from the business analytics suite YODA from WSW Software, which can be fully integrated into the existing SAP software (SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA) as an SAP-based add-on. Regardless of whether SAP scheduling agreements and/or SAP sales orders are used: the KPI package provides the information and key figures required to answer questions about your own delivery reliability from strategic and operational reporting, at the touch of a button and in real time, as well as clearly presented as a report or graphically visualized as a dashboard. The transparency this creates is an important prerequisite for continuously improving delivery reliability.


Strategic reporting can, for example, track how delivery reliability based on OTIF has developed over a specific period of time, whether in relation to the entire company, individual plants or shipping points, or customers. In addition, it is possible to determine which materials or material groups are responsible for poor delivery performance, where the core problems (quantity or on-time delivery) lie for this and to identify whether and, if so, which patterns exist (days of the week, lack of quantity reliability despite material availability, shipping methods). If there are any anomalies, a drill-down analysis down to document level provides strategic reporting with detailed information to identify the causes and derive recommendations for action.

In turn, operational reporting can provide reliable information on which delivery schedules or customer orders are behind schedule, which parts are currently being delivered (today/this week) and with which delivery reliability, and how many days a delivery is behind schedule.

Comprehensive functions for delivery reliability assessment

YODA SD On-time Delivery provides comprehensive functions for this purpose. These are the functionalities from the proven SPEEDIsolution " SD On-time Delivery" that have carried over to the Business Analytics Engine (BA Engine) of the KPI package, as well as a number of new features that offer real added value: for example, functions for evaluating logistics delivery performance in accordance with VDA recommendation 5011 and for uniform measurement of delivery reliability in accordance with VDA 9003 in the automotive industry. The KPI package also enables separate evaluation of delivery reliability from both the customer's and the company's own perspective, identification and documentation of the causes of delays, and definition of the scope of evaluation (open deliveries/completed deliveries).

Use with and without BW, flexible with BI frontends

YODA SD On-time Delivery can be used in conjunction with SAP BW (on anyDB or powered by SAP HANA) or SAP BW/4HANA, but can also be delivered separately and implemented and used as a standalone solution. The BA Engine, the technical heart of all YODA KPI packages, contains the entire logic and structure from the SPEEDI SD On-time Delivery solution.

Various SAP and non-SAP solutions can be used as the BI front end for YODA SD On-time Delivery, depending on requirements. These include SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office (data analysis, data exploration, standard reports) and SAP Analytics Cloud(queries based on the BI self-service concept), but also Microsoft Power BI and other BI tools with connectors to SAP software. The respective front-end tools can be designed in your own corporate design and adapted to individual reporting requirements if necessary.

The KPI package " SD On-time Delivery" is continuously developed and improved by WSW Software, with functional enhancements and new features exclusively available in the YODA solution. Companies that are already working with SPEEDI SD On-time Delivery and are planning to switch to YODA SD On-time Delivery in the future can quickly and easily transfer their customizing settings and master data stored there from SPEEDI to the KPI package using a migration tool developed by WSW Software.


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