SPEEDI VW Genuine Parts direct delivery

VW Genuine Parts direct delivery Process Consistently IT-supported in SAP ERP


If Volkswagen OTLG orders spare parts that a supplier delivers directly to third-party customers - distribution centers in Germany as well as selected importers - they first send a delivery forecast. The delivery is then arranged by dispatch order (EDIFACT DELJIT/CALDEL). In addition to standard data - quantity, scheduled date, address - this contains a wealth of additional data that the supplier must confirm in the shipment document (VDA 4939) and in the advanced shipping notification (EDIFACT DESADV) and print out as required on the VW material tags.


With the SPEEDI VW Genuine Parts direct delivery solution, suppliers can consistently map this special route process not covered by the SAP Standard in their SAP ERP system. This SPEEDI solution includes all the functions necessary to carry out the VW Genuine Parts direct delivery process consistently IT-supported in SAP ERP, and to correctly process all information that must be added later to the shipment document and the VW material tags.

Or course, this also applies to the additional data such as the Genuine Parts ship-to-party number, the data on the unloading point, the SAP order number (third-party order number), the SAP customer order number, the delivery order number, the contract number (EN contract) or the recipient reference. They are smoothly “channeled” through the SAP system. An integral part of this SPEEDI solution is also the shipment document (VDA 4939) and the material tag, hence the respective label.


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