SPEEDI VW basic package

SPEEDI VW basic package: Smooth EDI processing with VW in SAP


In the case of EDI-supported logistics processes with VW, suppliers must meet special requirements with regard to shipping labels (goods tags) and shipment documents in the newly revised VDA 4939 (version 3.x). In addition, VW has begun to gradually replace VDA messages with global EDIFACT formats: Delivery call-offs and advanced shipping notices (ASN) have already been converted to VDA 4984 (delivery call-offs according to Global DELFOR) or VDA 4987 (ASN according to Global DESADV) in Volkswagen's individual version. However, the SAP standard does not reflect these requirements.


Volkswagen suppliers using SAP software can close these gaps with the SPEEDI VW basic package from WSW Software. This OEM solution, which extends the SAP standard without modification , ensures smooth, transparent and very efficient EDI processing with VW - in strict compliance with the current process standards of this OEM.

The SPEEDI VW basic package contains all the necessary functions, tables and forms, for example the shipment document (VDA 4939 V 3.x) and the shipping label (VDA 4994), including print programs. It also provides the mapping licenses or mapping specifications for the transformation of VDA-4984 delivery schedules to the IDoc basic type DELFOR02 as well as the data from the SHPMNT05 IDoc to the target structures of the VW-VDA-4987 dispatch notifications.

The additional data fields required for the forecast delivery schedule (VDA 4984) and the advanced dispatch notification (VDA 4987) are mapped in an integrated manner in the SAP software and automatically filled with the correct contents.

Integrate addresses from delivery schedules into SAP

In the VDA-4984 delivery schedules, VW now sends the exact address data of the individual partner rolesinstead of reference data . A SPEEDI module writes this information into its own tables and accesses it as required for the dispatch notification or the printing of shipping documents and labels. The SAP master data remains untouched.

Include additional data for dispatch notification in SHPMNT IDoc

For the VDA-4987 dispatch notification, special SPEEDI modules determine the additional information required in comparison to the "classic" VDA 4913 and integrate it directly into the SAP transport notifications (SHPMNT IDoc) : the process indicator, the D-U-N-S numbers, the packaging and property identifier and many more.

Generate package numbers according to VW specifications

Another SPEEDI module generates the package numbers (license plate numbers) in a VW-compliant manner and imports them into a freely configurable field of table VEKP of the corresponding SAP handling unit (SAP HU). Since this routine can be flexibly configured, it can also be used to generate license plate numbers for other carmakers, for example for the BMW plant in Spartanburg, for Honda USA and Great Britain, or for General Motors.

SPEEDI modules and tables for special requirements

Other SPEEDI modules allow data in the SHPMNT IDoc to be changed, added to, moved, reformatted or deleted, or additional information such as the carrier's VW supplier number or the packaging and ownership ID to be added to the SHPMNT IDoc. On request, the solution package can also be supplemented with SPEEDI modules for the packaging inspection, the extended incompleteness inspection and the D-U-N-S number inspection as well as for the presentation of empty packaging materials as packaging aids.

The D-U-N-S numbers for customers, vendors (forwarding agents), plants or even company codes, which are required, among other things, in the dispatch notification, in the license plate number and in forms, are stored in special SPEEDI tables. Furthermore, a table is available in SPEEDI, via which the supplier can enter the VW supplier number of the forwarding agents used, which is required in addition to the D-U-N-S number.

If required, material master data and packing instructions must be supplemented by information on the dimensions of the packaging materials and the stacking factor, which are also required for the VDA-4987 dispatch notification.


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