Visualization of the Current Status of all VMI-related Scheduling Agreements


With Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), the supplier is responsible for their product stock in the customer's warehouse. The supplier ensures that the required quantity is always available, and - to a certain extent - determines how the warehouse is filled. If the VMI process can be carried out automatically, the replenishment can be controlled very efficiently.


The SPEEDI VMI solution package, using which suppliers can control the stock level of their customers' warehouse in a fully IT-supported and automated manner from their SAP system, can be used here. SPEEDI VMI calculates the optimal shipping quantity, schedules it automatically in the SAP software, and takes individual agreements into account regarding minimum or maximum stock level and range, forecast quantities, stock data, as well as the replenishment strategy of the supplier.

As a result, VMI processing gains enormous efficiency and transparency. Both the supplier and the customer benefit from lower stock levels, smaller storage space, and a lower capital commitment. In addition, SPEEDI VMI enhances the supplier's ability to deliver by eliminating delivery bottlenecks, out-of-stock situations, or expensive special trips. This improves customer satisfaction.

The SPEEDI VMI solution package consists of three components: the SPEEDI VMI Configurator, a SPEEDI function for calculations, and the SPEEDI VMI Monitor.

In the SPEEDI VMI Configurator, the calculation of replenishment deliveries can be set in any depth of detail based on many parameters, if necessary, down to the level of unloading point and material number. In this way, almost every framework condition can be covered for each material with its own replenishment strategy, for example, the range limits agreed with customers or the check of the specified minimum or maximum quantities.

A special SPEEDI function recalculates the replenishment deliveries for each forecast delivery schedule and stock removal and automatically adjusts the due dispatch quantity to the customer's changed requirements and stock situation. The newly calculated replenishment deliveries can be mapped in the supplier's SAP system either as a JIT delivery schedule or a planning delivery schedule or as a separate replenishment order.

The SPEEDI VMI Monitor clearly visualizes the current status of all VMI-related scheduling agreements and enables VMI processing directly on its interface. In addition, the set parameters can be evaluated for each replenishment delivery. If necessary, the user can jump from the evaluation displayed in the detail view of the SPEEDI VMI Monitor directly to the VMI configuration, change parameters here, and then return without detour. This saves a lot of time fine-tuning a VMI configuration. In individual cases, certain replenishment deliveries can be changed manually. The remaining replenishment deliveries can then be carried out synchronously. In the evaluation, the changed deliveries can be imported into the scheduling agreement at the push of a button.


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