SPEEDI Tolerance Line Check

Automatic comparison of incoming forecast or JIT delivery schedules with preceding delivery schedules


If a customer requests less or more than the agreed delivery quantity as part of delivery call-offs, this has a negative effect on the supply chain processes at the supplier's location, which causes added costs and can worsen his delivery reliability rating. It is all the more important that the supplier immediately identify the violation of set tolerance limits and can take immediate action. The tolerance profiles in the SAP standard only offer insufficient options for this purpose.


The SPEEDI tolerance line check can help here. It compares the data from incoming delivery call-offs or JIT call-offs already during incorporation in the SAP software automatically with the data from previous call-offs. A SPEEDI monitor visualizes the result clearly and traffic light functions immediately signal to the responsible processor whether a call-off quantity falls below or exceeds the set limits. The necessary actions can be promptly initiated, such as a processing stop of the release order or the transmission of the deviation to the processor or customer by e-mail. A violation of these tolerance limits may, under certain circumstances, also be accepted, such as after coordination with Procurement and Production Control. The reasoning is stored as a note and can therefore be tracked at any time.

In the SPEEDI solution, it can be individually set per configuration which tolerance violation results in which action and at which organizational level an inspection is carried out. In this case, these are the sales organization, sales channel, division, client, customer plant, unloading point and scheduling agreement.

The SPEEDI time / quantity filter (ZMT) can be used to specify whether release orders are checked for tolerance violations for a certain time period (week, month) or on a daily basis either using the progress numbers or the absolute quantity. Deviations can also be optionally displayed in the form of a percentage or quantity specification.

The SPEEDI tolerance line check also offers suppliers the option of notifying customers of tolerance violations directly. This process is extremely simple thanks to a simple SPEEDI routine. Selection criteria can be used to determine which information a customer receives. The relevant documents are automatically generated and then sent by email in the desired output format (PDF or Excel). The required email content can also be quickly and easily created with the pre-defined text modules stored in the solution.


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