SPEEDI Third Party

Third-party Order Process It-supported and Automated in SAP


In the case of third-party order processing, the supplier passes the customer’s forecast delivery schedules and JIT delivery schedules to a third-party order supplier who produces the goods and delivers them directly to the customer, if necessary, also sequence-compliantly. The SAP Standard does not satisfactorily depict the third-party order processing with its various variants - individual orders instead of scheduling agreements, linking of third-party order with processing or ESA process or combination of processing and ESA process into a third-party order process.


With the SPEEDI Third Party solution, suppliers who use SAP software can carry out the third-party process in an IT-supported and automated manner in their SAP system: from the incorporation of the third-party delivery into the SD scheduling agreement, the transfer of the release orders to the third-party order supplier, to the goods issue posting. Time-consuming manual steps are unnecessary.

As soon as the forecast delivery schedules and JIT delivery schedules have been incorporated into the SAP scheduling agreement, this SPEEDI solution generates an outbound forecast delivery schedule based on a SPEEDI third-party message and sends it to the third-party order supplier immediately, even if the supplier manually changes the scheduling agreement.

When the goods are delivered, the third-party order supplier issues two advanced shipping notifications and sends one to the end customer and the other to the supplier. SPEEDI Third Party enters the latter directly into the supplier's SAP system, posts a goods receipt in the SAP MM module and, at the same time, posts a withdrawal from stock in the SD scheduling agreement. In SAP MM, this creates the prerequisites for invoice processing with the third-party order supplier and in SAP SD for settlement or credit processing with the customer. If the delivery is created in SAP SD, the SPEEDI solution also inserts the delivery note number of the third-party order supplier’s delivery note as an external delivery note number in the SAP delivery header, which enables credit memos to be assigned to the respective delivery notes.

In SPEEDI Third Party, the supplier can also create transports and thus generate EDI messages and transmit them to the customer if the third-party order supplier is not able to do so.

In addition, SPEEDI Third Party covers JIS and processing processes, and can also be linked to the SPEEDI ESA solution if the third-party order supplier delivers goods to an ESA warehouse. This SPEEDI solution also processes scheduling agreements with delivery orders and individual orders without any problems.


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