Content Label ID and Co.: With SPEEDI Tesla, special features of Tesla integrated in SAP process


Suppliers of the US electric car manufacturer Tesla have to meet very specific requirements with regard to the design of shipping labels. Tesla is the only OEM so far to require shipping labels to include a Big QR code. Another special feature of this OEM is that in addition to labels with the package ID (license plate), the supplier must also create a so-called content label with a content label ID.


With the SPEEDI Tesla OEM solution, which extends the SAP standard seamlessly and without modification, Tesla suppliers using SAP software can meet this OEM's specific label requirements.  WSW Software's own SPEEDI function(routine) ensures that the content label ID is generated automatically.

The SPEEDI solution also provides all transport labels (receiving, master, mixed and content labels) together with the print programs for their correct labeling. The labels are provided in the form of a SAP Smartforms label and printed with the Big QR Code as required.

With SPEEDI Tesla, suppliers also handle all other processes with this OEM integrated in their SAP system: from the mapping of incoming ANSI X12 delivery schedules and delivery schedules (830 / 862) as well as feedback messages (997 / 824) and their integration in SAP to the dispatch notification via ANSI X12 856 and the invoice via ANSI X12 810. WSW Software provides the mappings and mapping specifications necessary to convert the outgoing SAP IDocs into the corresponding ANSI X12 messages 856 and 810.


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