SPEEDI solutions in EDI procedur

SPEEDI solutions and mappings for invoices, credit and payment advices in the EDI process


Invoices to customers as well as credit and payment advices from customers in the EDI process usually do not require any manual intervention and are therefore particularly suitable for series deliveries such as in the automotive industry. Suppliers who use SAP software must provide IDocs for outgoing invoices with certain additional data in accordance with the EDI guidelines of their customers, in this case the automobile manufacturers, or in accordance with the regulations of the receiving country. Conversely, EDI data from credit memos and payment advices from customers must also be enriched accordingly in order to incorporate them into the SAP software. The SAP standard does not or only insufficiently covers such requirements.


The SAP-based platform SPEEDI, which extends the SAP standard without modifications, provides a remedy. SPEEDI provides numerous solutions, monitors and functions (routines) to createoutgoing EDIinvoices correctly in accordance with customer and country-specific requirements andto process EDI credit and settlement advices automatically and without errors in SAP.

WSW Software also provides the necessary mappings and mapping specifications for the respective EDI message (invoice, credit note, payment advice) in different EDI formats. Especially in the automotive sector, these are VDA messages such as VDA 4938 T2 - Global INVOIC (outgoing invoice / incoming credit advice), VDA 4908 (incoming credit advice) and VDA 4988 (payment advice) or ANSI X12 messages such as ANSIX12 810 INVOIC and ANSI X12 820 Payment Order/Remittance Advice. In addition, there are global EDIFACT messages such as EDIFACT INVOIC and EDIFACT REMADV, which are also used in other industries. To keep up with the changes in EDI communication between supplier and customer (OEM), WSW Software is constantly adapting existing mappings and rapidly developing new ones.

In addition, SPEEDI includes out-of-the-box solutions for special processes, monitors for process visualization as well as functions (routines), for example to enrich data or for notification. Credit memo notifications , for example, can be processed easily and efficiently with the SPEEDI solution package "Self Billing Invoice Clearing Monitor," which optimally complements the SAP credit memo monitor and transparently displays all booking transactions when credit memos are transferred.

The SPEEDI Credit Advice solution captures credit advice notes that are not transmitted in EDI format and converts them into a credit advice IDoc with little effort. This allows the supplier to process all credit notes in the SPEEDI Self Billing Invoice Clearing Monitor and/or to use special SPEEDI modules that work exclusively in combination with a credit note IDoc.

The SPEEDI Global Invoice solution provides the information required for invoices in the global EDIFACT format, including OEM or country-specific additional data, and processes it into the outbound IDoc.


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