SPEEDI SD On-time Delivery

Compliance with the Delivery Dates Requested by the Customer


The regular determination of one's own delivery reliability is a critical aspect for many companies, as it is an essential component of a customer’s supplier evaluations. The own delivery reliability can be evaluated according to several criteria: in relation to the delivery date agreed upon in the order, the first confirmed date, or the desired date of the customer. The SAP Standard does not provide any way to determine your own delivery reliability for scheduling agreements.


The SPEEDI SD On-time Delivery solution provides suppliers with the necessary transparency as to whether they meet the delivery dates requested by the customer. By comparing the deliveries posted in the goods issue with the customer's associated scheduling agreements and JIT delivery schedules, which serve as the target, it determines where shortfalls or excess deliveries occurred, and which delivery was made earlier or later than agreed according to the SAP scheduling agreement. Also calculated is the number of days by which a scheduled date was missed and the deviation in percent.

SPEEDI SD On-time Delivery visualizes the evaluation result clearly. Traffic light functions signal immediately the delivery schedules, which contain late deliveries (red) or too early deliveries (yellow). If there are scheduling agreements with late and early deliveries, this is indicated by a red traffic light as delays are considered a priority. With a green traffic light, forecast delivery schedules and deliveries are aligned. Since each delivery is also provided with a traffic light, it is possible to determine exactly which delivery or deliveries in the scheduling agreement are responsible for a yellow or red traffic light.

SPEEDI SD On-time Delivery also offers several other useful features. Thus, excess deliveries due to the rounding quantity in the scheduling agreement are valuated as correct deliveries. The ability to enter tolerance values in percent or quantity ensures that deliveries with minor deviations are also considered correct. A date adjustment considering the fiscal year change at the customer can also be carried out based on the cumulative quantities for forecast delivery schedules and for goods issue.


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