SPEEDI SbI Clearing Monitor

Simplifying Self-Billing Processing


In the automotive industry, EDI credit memos that customers usually receive after delivery of the goods form an integral part of the logistics process chain. The self-billing documents, which are based on previously agreed conditions, must be internally matched by the supplier with invoices and, if the tolerance limits are exceeded, must be cleared on a value basis. Using the SAP Monitor for the SD Automotive Self-billing (SAP Credit Memo Monitor), differences in the credit memo run can only be processed insufficiently.


The proven SPEEDI SBI Clearing Monitor simplifies the processing of self-billing documents and makes it much more efficient and transparent. This SPEEDI solution optimally complements the SAP Credit Memo Monitor and overrides its restrictions on crediting and credit difference processing.

SPEEDI SBI Clearing Monitor visualizes all posting transactions when transferring credit memos and creates a clear view of all posting documents with open items at the material level. The SAP Credit Memo Monitor does not offer such an overall view.

The SPEEDI solution also includes a special function. Open items that the SAP Standard automatically generates when the tolerance limit specified between the credit memo and invoice is exceeded can be cleared directly via an internal credit or debit memo using this function. This enables the end-users to process the possible differences in a credit memo run much easier and thus faster and more efficiently than in the SAP Standard.


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