SPEEDI Sales/Revenue Outlook

Analysis of Current Sales and Revenue Figure for Materials Relevant to MRP


The sales volume and revenue outlook, if needed during the year, is a critical factor - especially when orders and delivery forecast delivery schedules vary widely. The necessary analyzes, especially if they include billing documents, open deliveries, and orders or schedule lines, are not possible in the SAP Sales Information System (SIS) or only with great effort.


The SPEEDI Sales/Revenue Outlook, which allows a fast, convenient, and comprehensive evaluation of current sales and revenue figures for materials relevant to MRP, can be used, either via dialog or as a batch job. The analysis result is clearly visualized as a list or graphic at the desired aggregation level and in the required depth of detail.

The SPEEDI Sales/Revenue Forecast enables regular reports as well as ad-hoc reports and offers extensive and professional selection options: for material data, sales data for the material, sales document data, or partners and customers. In the evaluation settings, it can be defined for which period - days, weeks, months - an analysis is carried out and whether planned independent requirements, open deliveries that are already deducted from the order backlog, past data runs, and billed documents are considered. The invoiced documents, which show historical sales or revenue data, allow a better interpretation of the current outlook data.

In the evaluation settings, you can also select whether sales, revenue, or both numbers are visualized for an evaluation. High transparency is ensured, as each pegged requirement, e.g., the schedule line, is displayed in a separate line. The lines can be individually adjusted using sorting and filtering functions, and from there, you can also jump directly to the SAP stock/requirements list.

Thanks to its flexibility, the SPEEDI Sales/Revenue Forecast is suitable for use in almost all areas of the company: in finance for cash and liquidity forecasting, in sales for monitoring framework contracts, in purchasing and scheduling to assess sales development or to control capacities in production.


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