Mapping modified transport processing of Renault-Nissan consistently IT-based in SAP


Renault-Nissan restructures transport processing and will, in the future, send three EDI messages (DELJIT) to its suppliers. The supplier receives the first message with information on the unloading point and the point of consumption, the RAN numbers, but without the transport ID no later than three days before delivery. The supplier receives the second message, which contains only the RAN numbers, two days before pickup at eight o’clock as a forecast for transport (OTMFORE). The third message, the fixed shipping release order (OTMFIRM), which also contains the transport ID in addition to the RAN numbers, is transmitted by Renault-Nissan at 2 pm on the same day.


With the new SPEEDI Renault TMS solution, Renault-Nissan suppliers using SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA can now consistently map the changed transport processing of this OEM IT-based in their SAP system. In the SPEEDI solution, the three DELJIT messages are mapped into delivery order messages (DELORD), followed by the incorporation of these DELORD messages into the ORDERS05 IDoc base type in the SAP system. WSW Software provides the mapping specifications required to convert DELJIT to DELORD messages.

SPEEDI Renault TMS still generates the delivery order from the third DELJIT message. A special SPEEDI function ensures that the data not contained in the first and the third DELJIT message, that is the transport ID, the unloading point, and the point of consumption, is first entered in a SPEEDI table and then into the ORDERS05 IDoc base type. For the first and the second DELJIT message, a newly developed SPEEDI function automatically defines the IDoc status 52 (“application document posted incompletely”), which prevents processing.

SPEEDI Renault TMS supplements and expands the existing SPEEDI Renault CINDI OEM solution as an add-on.


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