Automated Scheduling Agreement Processing According to the Requirements of the Manufacturer


Renault and Dacia unify the identification of deliveries in Europe with the CINDI (Common Identification Number for Delivery Improvement) procurement process. CINDI is designed to increase delivery reliability, facilitate follow-up deliveries, prevent advance deliveries, and enable goods receipt without quantity checks for certain parts. To do this, Renault/Dacia provides forecast delivery schedules with a RAN (Release Authorization Number), which suppliers must incorporate into the SAP scheduling agreement, and report back in the EDI shipping notification or on a paper delivery note. In addition, Renault-Nissan is currently reorganizing its transport process with its suppliers, who will receive three DELJIT messages in the future.


The process specifics of the CINDI process at Renault/Dacia, but also in the restructured Renault-Nissan transport process are not reflected in the SAP Standard. The SPEEDI Renault CINDI OEM solution and the SPEEDI Renault TMS solution, which complements and extends SPEEDI Renault CINDI as an add-on, can help here.

With SPEEDI Renault CINDI, suppliers using SAP software integrate forecast delivery schedules and pick-up orders from Renault/Dacia, including RAN, and the additional data transferred into their SAP processes, thus establishing IT-supported and largely automated scheduling agreement processing according to the requirements of this manufacturer.

SPEEDI Renault CINDI imports the pickup orders of Renault/Dacia in the form of DELORD messages (Delivery Order) as individual orders with reference to the respective scheduling agreement into the supplier's SAP system. The SPEEDI solution package channels the RAN and additional data through the SAP software, so that it is stated on the shipping notification/paper delivery note and the delivery document as prescribed, and that labels and forms are correctly labeled. Among others, the RAN contains information on the material's ability to be assembled (vehicle, engine, or transmission parts), a clear alphanumeric code for the Renault/Dacia plants, and the RAN type, normal or emergency, which controls the way in which packages are marked during the delivery process.

SPEEDI Renault CINDI provides special functions that check the RAN, adjust release order quantities in the scheduling agreement, supplement the advanced shipping notification and the electronic invoice (INVOICE) with the necessary data, and enable “code-routing-pure” handling unit (HU) packaging. The Renault-specific delivery notes and ET I1 and ET I9 labels in the GALIA/ODETTE standard are also stored.

In addition, SPEEDI Renault TMS covers the changed transport processing of Renault-Nissan consistently and transparently in the SAP system. In SPEEDI Renault TMS, the mapping of the three DELJIT into delivery order messages (DELORD) takes place, followed by the incorporation of these DELORD messages into the IDoc base type ORDERS05 in the SAP system. WSW Software provides the necessary mapping specifications to transform the data.


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