SPEEDI Recalculate Weights

Improved Data Quality in Shipping


In the SAP Standard, weights or volumes are included only indirectly in outbound deliveries in shipping as they come from the preceding document or from the packing instructions. If you change the weight or volume of a material in the SAP material master, you must first time-consumingly update all the preceding documents before the new values are entered in the outbound delivery. In the meantime, shipping documents may contain incorrect weight or volume information.


The SPEEDI Recalculate Weights solution, which seamlessly integrates with the SAP ERP system and extends it without modification, puts an end to it. It is used to enter the weights or volumes maintained in the SAP material master directly in the corresponding outbound delivery and, if desired, in the individual handling units (HUs) in the SAP Shipping and Transport module (SAP LE). This significantly improves the data quality in shipping.

Ideally, SPEEDI Recalculate Weights is supplemented by various parameters - consideration only by weight or volume, standardization of the weight unit or rounding functions - which can be set easily and quickly by configuration and adapted to the respective application. Weight units can be converted from kilograms to pounds and vice versa with a few mouse clicks.
The SPEEDI Recalculate Weights solution can be used for all materials but can also be activated or deactivated for certain materials only.


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