SPEEDI Preference Processing

Transparently carrying out demanding processes in preference processing


Export-oriented companies are obliged to prove the preferential origin of their products and goods in order to be able to deliver them either duty reduced or duty free to customers based in countries outside the EU, with which preferential agreements exist. Efficient and legally compliant preferential processing is therefore relevant for competition. For customers in the EU, long-term supplier declarations must be issued additionally. The foreign trade components in SAP ERP do not support these processes sufficiently. The new solution SAP S/4HANA for International Trade does currently not offer any functions for preference determination and management of supplier declarations.


This gap can be closed by the SPEEDI solution for preference processing, which is available in several languages. It maps the entire process from the request and monitoring of supplier declarations, through preference determination, to the issuing of individual supplier declarations for customers. The SPEEDI solution is an SAP-based add-on that integrates seamlessly into the existing SAP software, both SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA, and extends it without the need for modifications. This means that the preference processing is IT-supported, automated and with consistent data - keyword "Single Point of Truth" - in SAP. A Transition Package ensures the smooth interaction of the SPEEDI solution with the international trade functions of SAP S/4HANA.


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The SPEEDI solution meets all current preferential regulations. If new requirements or agreements are added, such as the agreement between the EU and Vietnam (EVFTA) in 2020, WSW Software will provide an update and support for the necessary adjustments. In addition to preferential agreements of the EU, the SPEEDI solution can also flexibly map the agreements of other economic areas such as the new North American United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).


Request Vendor Declaration

With the SPEEDI monitor "Request Vendor Declaration" the tasks of obtaining, confirming and renewing a vendor declaration as proof of preference can be automated in SAP. The monitor manages the declarations centrally and shows the user at a glance to which vendors a declaration has to be sent and whether it has already been sent, confirmed or deleted. The trigger for a request is the purchase order. If there is no valid declaration for the combination vendor / material, SPEEDI automatically triggers the request.

A visual differentiation of requested and due declarations enables the quick dispatch of reminders, which significantly reduces the number of documents to be issued retroactively. The documents required to obtain the necessary information are generated in SAP and sent by e-mail as PDF files or interactive PDF forms (Adobe Interactive Forms) or via a connected web portal.

If the same material is obtained from several sources (multi-sourcing), the SPEEDI solution aggregates the data for this material in the background according to the worst-case principle before the preference determination takes place.


Preference Determination

The solution SPEEDI "Preference Determination" determines the preference authorization for each saleable material from fixed SAP stock lists or for configurable parts exactly and conform to the rules of the respective agreement. In contrast to the SAP standard, preference determination in SPEEDI can be carried out automatically across several plants or company codes. If necessary, subcontracting processes by external service providers are also correctly included in the determination.

As the moving average is often not allowed to be used for preference determination, the SPEEDI solution offers the possibility of determining a minimum and maximum value (original/non-original goods) for the purchase price of components and using this value in the determination. Alternatively, possible fluctuations in purchase and progress prices can also be calculated using safety margins. In both cases, a customs-compliant determination is always guaranteed.


Output Vendor Declarations

With the SPEEDI monitor "Output Vendor Declarations" the customer's vendor declarations can be issued efficiently, transmitted by e-mail as PDF or interactive PDF as well as monitored, updated and, if necessary, revoked.  The monitor shows if a customer's vendor declaration has to be changed, for example, because of a new preference determination, and therefore revoked.