SPEEDI Porsche

Carry out Porsche-specific EDI processes with IT support directly in SAP


Like its parent company Volkswagen, Porsche is gradually converting its time-slice-oriented EDI-supported logistics processes with suppliers to global EDIFACT formats.  Porsche transmits the data on the various time slices per delivery day, the exact schedule line date including time and the route information (plant, unloading point and storage location) in delivery and JIT delivery schedules in accordance with VDA 4984 (Global DELFOR). In accordance with Porsche's EDI guidelines, the supplier must return this information in the "new" VDA-4987 dispatch notifications (Global DESADV) and in all shipping documents. For suppliers using SAP software, the SAP standard does not offer any functions for mapping these special process features at Porsche.


The OEM solution SPEEDI Porsche from WSW Software, which extends the SAP standard without modifications, provides a remedy. With this SPEEDI solution, suppliers to Porsche handle the special process requirements of this OEM with regard to the time slice, the global EDIFACT formats and the shipping documents with end-to-end IT support and thus efficiently and transparently in SAP. In this way, they comply exactly with Porsche's specifications to return the time slice consistently for each individual handling unit (HU) in shipping documents and to create shipping documents that are time-slice-clean.

SPEEDI Porsche contains all functions to import the different time slices into the corresponding SAP HU and to make them available there for the creation of the VDA-4987 dispatch notifications as well as the shipping documents. These include the goods receipt/issue slip according to VDA 4912, the forwarding order according to VDA 4922 and the goods tags (labels) according to VDA 4902. However, other Porsche-specific information such as the six-digit supplier number of the loading point is also included in the shipping documents. The OEM solution also provides mappings for the transformation of VDA-4984 call-offs to the IDoc type DELFOR02, which are identical to those for VW. A WSW extension for this IDoc type makes it possible to store address data transmitted by Porsche in SAP. SPEEDI Porsche also offers special mapping specifications for the data transfer from the SHPMNT05 IDoc to the target structures of the VDA-4987 dispatch notification.

Since the SPEEDI solution prevents the inclusion of different time slices in one and the same SAP transport order, it also ensures time-slice-pure deliveries. One exception is the Leipzig Porsche plant, to which components may have to be delivered in bundles in advance: for example, parts for Saturday and Sunday by truck on Friday. With a special SPEEDI module, the necessary internal rescheduling can be carried out in SAP without touching and changing time slices transmitted by Porsche.

As soon as Porsche converts further EDI processes with its suppliers to global EDIFACT formats, such as shipping documents and goods tags, WSW Software will promptly implement the associated process requirements in SPEEDI Porsche.


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