SPEEDI Packaging Material Information Cockpit

Automated Packaging Material Planning in SAP ERP


The critical point when planning the use of standard load carriers is knowing which customer requires which containers, when and in which quantity, and also how much packaging material must be made available for each supplier at a given time. Only then can the right packaging materials be available in the right quantities at the right time, and parts, components, or other products can be delivered to the customer at the scheduled date.


With the SPEEDI Packaging Material Information Cockpit (PMIC) solution package, packaging material planning for external partners or suppliers can be consistently IT-supported and largely automated, thus, without manual intermediate steps in SAP ERP. These are the nuts and bolts for efficient and transparent planning of reusable packaging material, which usually requires a lot of equity, and to avoid overstocking or bottlenecks, which cause high costs.

SPEEDI PMIC determines the current stock for each packaging material as well as the requirements per customer (debtor) and supplier (vendor) and visualizes the relevant data clearly arranged. Your own plants can also be considered a customer or supplier if inter-company requirements are mapped using MM sales documents or SD sales documents or using stock transport orders. Traffic light functions that can be individually adapted to predefined criteria signal where there is an acute need for action, so that it can be reacted immediately and planned proactively.

The technical core of SPEEDI PMIC is a central calculation engine that uses arithmetic operations in the background to determine the current packaging material requirements and stocks, and three monitors. The monitors access the calculation results and visualize the packaging material requirements from the perspective of the customer (SD), production (PP) or supplier (MM), together with the necessary information.


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