SPEEDI MM Release Order Behavior Analysis

Analysis of the Release Order Behavior and Visualization in the Monitor


Requirements fluctuations between the forecast delivery schedules should be within tolerance limits that were agreed by customer and supplier. Whether a current release order exceeds or falls below the defined limits is determined by the SPEEDI Tolerance Line Check directly during entry into the SAP system. It is not possible to understand whether there are deviations and fluctuations in the release order behavior of a customer.


This is where the SPEEDI “MM Release Order Behavior Analysis” solution comes in. It analyzes the release order behavior concerning customers or material on a daily, weekly, or monthly level across all scheduling agreements, making it completely transparent. The results are graphically displayed on a monitor.

Significant violations of the tolerance limits for specified delivery schedule quantities, whether on a quantity or value basis or by percentage, are recognized immediately. Production planning can be adjusted promptly, and warehouse stock can be planned early. This smooths the processes along the value chain. At the same time, suppliers are optimally prepared for discussions with the customer about the release order behavior and can substantiate arguments with facts.

Using an aggregated view, it can be understood at the same time, whether calls may change gradually over time. They do not necessarily violate the tolerance limits but can equal out or amplify in total following the bull-whip effect. The evaluations also allow conclusions regarding the release order behavior in the future, which allows even better and more accurate planning.

The SPEEDI solution can also be used to define your own time and quantity filters for the analysis of tolerance deviations, to maintain them centrally, and to specify tolerance limits on a value basis, for example, in euros. If required, the release order behavior at the customer or material level can be displayed for selected scheduling agreements only.


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