SPEEDI MM On-time Delivery

Determination of the Respective Key Figure and Visualization in the Monitor


Essential for the commissioning of a supplier is, among other things, delivery reliability. The respective key figure can be determined using a method such as the VDA 5001 (Logistic Supplier Evaluation). For this purpose, delivered quantities that have been posted in the goods receipt are compared with the order quantities (scheduled quantities) that are open at the time of the inbound delivery. For schedule lines and forecast delivery schedules, the relationship between quantity reliability and on-time delivery is also relevant. However, the SAP Standard functions support the determination of delivery reliability insufficiently only.


SPEEDI MM On-time Delivery solves this problem. During the goods receipt posting, it assigns delivered quantities to the schedule lines that are open at this time. Based on that, it determines the key figure for the delivery reliability, and stores it in a SPEEDI table. The results can be selected in a monitor (“Supplier On-Time Delivery MM View”) according to parameters such as purchasing organization, plant as well as supplier or material number for the required period and visualized clearly in an ABAP list viewer report (ALV). For each goods receipt posting and based on the assigned schedule lines, it shows whether a delivery was made on time, too early or late, and calculates the key figure for delivery reliability according to VDA 5001. The results displayed in the ALV list can also be identified for the entire purchasing document by creating subtotals and totals, and for the supplier (vendor) across all documents.

Optionally, the delivery reliability can also be evaluated and displayed as a percentage. The parameters used are a point system for the adherence to deadlines and quantities as well as a weighting of the points achieved per delivery. SPEEDI MM On-time Delivery can also be used to evaluate deliveries that have already been announced, but not yet posted in goods receipt at the time of the evaluation. For this purpose, the checkbox provided in the selection criteria must be selected only.


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