SPEEDI SD and MM Certificate of Arrival

Handle processes related to the certofocate of receipt directly in SAP


The confirmations of receipt serve as proof for tax-exempt intra-community deliveries vis-à-vis the tax authorities. For example, if a company from Germany wants to deliver goods VAT-free to customers or its own locations in the EU, it must obtain a confirmation of receipt of the goods. Conversely, if the company procures goods from suppliers or company-owned locations from another EU country, a certificate of receipt must be issued for this. Since the SAP standard functions do not adequately map the processes related to the certificate of arrival, they are handled outside of SAP and in many cases manually


For companies using SAP software, there is a much more efficient alternative with the solution packages SPEEDI SD Certifiate of Arrival and SPEEDI MM Certificate of Arrival, which extend the SAP standard without modifications. With these solution packages, processes in the course of obtaining or issuing proofs of arrival can be handled consistently, largely automatically, quickly, transparently and securely in SAP. This saves valuable time and the regulations of the German VAT Implementing Regulation (UStDV) can be complied with. The fact that the settings relating to the certificate of receipt, such as the output format, can be defined individually for each customer or supplier in the partner-related master data of the SPEEDI solution packages is another plus.

SPEEDI SD Certificate of Arrival

The SPEEDI SD Certificate of Arrival is the tool of choice to automatically request certificates of arrival from customers or own locations in other EU countries and to conveniently process, manage, and monitor received certificates. The control monitor provides a clear view of all processes: for example, which certificates have arrived and are confirmed or partially confirmed, which are outstanding, which recipients have already been reminded or are due for reminders. The time by which a certificate of arrival must be available is defined in the settings. If the deadline is exceeded, this is automatically signaled by a graphic symbol and the reminder can be sent immediately.

The requests for proofs of arrival can be generated directly in SAP by individual or collective processing and sent to the recipients for confirmation in the desired output format: via fax, as an EDI message, or by e-mail as an interactive PDF for filling out (Adobe Forms) or in the form of a web link. Incoming certificates in the form of EDIFACT credit notes (VDA 4938) and certificates of arrival (VDA 4989), among others, are transmitted directly to the SAP software and displayed in the control monitor. Certificates of arrival sent as Excel files can be uploaded to SAP via SPEEDI file upload and converted into an IDoc data record by mapping.

SPEEDI MM Certificate of Arrival

SPEEDI MM Certificate of Arrival is the right solution for companies or company-owned locations in other EU countries that receive goods from Germany. If a customer in another SAP country posts a delivery from Germany in SAP ERP, this SPEEDIsolution package uses the goods receipt document (with order reference) or the incoming invoice to check whether a Certificate of Arrival is required. If so, the SPEEDI solution package automatically generates a legally compliant EDI message (EDIFACT RECADV), e-mail, fax or paper printout with the proof of arrival and transmits it to the goods shipper.

In the partner-related master data of SPEEDI MM Certificate of Arrival, a grace period can be set up, for example in case of a cancellation, a return delivery or a split of the material document. A SPEEDI report collects the data from the relevant documents and generates the respective certificates of arrival from them and according to the partner-related settings. The SPEEDI solution also makes it possible to create certificates of arrival retrospectively by checking the corresponding goods movement entries or invoice documents.




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