SPEEDI MM Certificate of Arrival

Processing Certificates of Arrival Largely Automated in SAP ERP


Companies in the EU that receive goods from suppliers or their locations in another EU country, for example, in Germany, must issue a Certificate of Arrival to them for the actual receipt of the goods. The supplier/own location provides this certificate to the tax authorities as proof of tax-exempt intra-community deliveries. The SAP Standard does not satisfactorily map the processes around the Certificate of Arrival.


The SPEEDI MM Certificate of Arrival solution package can help here. It can be used for consistent, mostly automated, and at the same time, proactive processing of sequences relating to the Certificate of Arrival in SAP ERP. This reduces the administrative burden to a minimum and frees from time-consuming manual and paper-based work.

If a customer in another EU country posts a delivery from Germany in SAP ERP, this SPEEDI solution package uses the goods receipt document (with order reference) or the incoming invoice to check whether a Certificate of Arrival is required. If so, a legally compliant EDI message (EDIFACT RECADV) or an e-mail, fax, or a paper printout with the Certificate of Arrival is automatically generated and sent to the consignor.

The Certificate of Arrival can be set up individually for each supplier in the partner-related settings. The requested output medium (EDI, e-mail, fax, paper), but also the factory calendar and the frequency key are stored there. A grace period can also be set, for example, in the case of a cancellation, return delivery, or a split of the material document. A SPEEDI report collects the data of the relevant documents and then generates the respective Certificates of Arrival according to the partner-related settings.

With the SPEEDI Certificate of Arrival solution package, you can also retroactively create Certificates of Arrival with a SPEEDI report that checks the corresponding goods movement postings or invoice documents in SAP.


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