Selection, Visualization, and processing of Different IDoc Message Types


Electronic data interchange (EDI) automates a multitude of processes between customers and suppliers, and more and more are becoming available. This increases the number of SAP IDocs that must be monitored and if they are incorrect, post-processed. In the SAP Standard - transaction WE02, WE05 or BD87, EDI message types, and the corresponding IDoc types can only be visualized and monitored to a limited extent.


In the SPEEDI IMon solution, different IDoc message types can be clearly selected in a single monitor, visualized, and faulty data records edited by the user according to his authorization. This prevents from the outset that incorrect information gets into the SAP system as IDoc monitoring is transferred from the IT department to the specialist department. SPEEDI IMon indicates the data relevant to operation instead of the monitoring data records only as SAP Standard.
SPEEDI IMon offers a variety of options for the processing incorrect or stopped IDoc message types: They can be subsequently posted (background or foreground run), deleted, copied, or changed. For each IDoc message type, it is also possible to specify which fields may be changed. In addition, a note can be entered for each IDoc.
In the initial screen of SPEEDI IMon, you can define which IDocs should be displayed. A selection without restriction is possible, which generally displays all IDocs from the previous day to the current day. You can also restrict to a certain area, for example, Sales (SD) or Purchasing (MM).
The corresponding selection fields are automatically displayed after the entry. For Sales, these are the sales organization, distribution channel, division, or client. Each user can use the message set to determine which IDoc messages are displayed individually. A hierarchy tree, which can be configured from the third level, groups the IDoc types in folders. By clicking on a folder, a detailed view of all contained IDocs opens in the monitor.


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