SPEEDI IDoc Monitoring

Monitoring the IDoc Types Used in the EDI Data Exchange


Suppliers and customers electronically exchange an increasing number of data faster and faster. Even more important is a smooth exchange of data, in which each partner can receive and process messages intended for him at the right time. This also applies to the internal data exchange between SAP software and an EDI converter, especially for JIT or JIS processes. In SAP Standard IDoc Reporting (transactions WE02, WE05, and BD87), it is not possible to specifically monitor the IDoc types used in the EDI data exchange.


This is exactly, where the SPEEDI IDoc Monitoring comes in. It can be used to establish highly efficient monitoring and alerting specifically for outgoing SAP IDocs that are required as part of electronic data exchange. In this SPEEDI solution, it can be precisely configured for each outbound IDoc with reference to the respective data exchange partner, at which time it must have reached a certain IDoc status. In the SAP Standard, only the status information is updated in IDocs, provided the data exchange has been set up accordingly.

In addition, SPEEDI IDoc Monitoring provides two special monitors that clearly display the current processing status of each incoming and outgoing IDoc. Alarm functions inform the end-user immediately if an IDoc has not reached its respective status at the specified time. States for outgoing IDocs are, for example, Conversion OK (status 06), Syntax Check OK (status 08), Dispatch OK (status 12), and Functional Acknowledgment Positive or Negative (statuses 16 and 17) with respect to ANSI X12 feedback messages or Data Transfer to Port OK (status 19). A typical status for incoming IDocs is Application Document Posted (status 53).

Besides that, SPEEDI IDoc Monitoring shifts the processes of IDoc monitoring from the IT department back to the responsible departments relieving the burden on the internal IT.


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