SPEEDI Fiscal Year Change

Resetting the Cumulative Quantities in Goods Issue to the Correct Value


During a fiscal year change, automotive manufacturers frequently reset their cumulative quantities in goods receipt to zero. As a result, suppliers must also zero their cumulative quantities in goods issue. Since customers often only reset the quantities weeks or months after the fiscal year change or carry out a year change in the middle of the year, this demands a high degree of flexibility from the suppliers. The SAP Standard does not adequately support these processes and requires manual rework.


With the SPEEDI Fiscal Year Change solution, the year change can be defined and set up according to the requirements and logics of each customer. It automatically resets the cumulative quantities in goods issue within the scope of the fiscal year change to the correct value and also considers any deliveries in transit.
SPEEDI Fiscal Year Change offers a variety of configuration options. The solution can be set to automatically detect and stop a fiscal year change on incoming forecast delivery schedules. This ensures that the cumulative quantities in SAP scheduling agreements are always correct. For processes with external service providers (ESP), the SPEEDI solution ensures that the cumulative quantities and stocks are automatically adjusted when the fiscal year changes.
The SPEEDI solution is flexible and can be executed directly in SAP during the processing of the forecast delivery schedules or manually in the SPEEDI Year Change monitor, where the information relevant to the fiscal year change is monitored. Errors in the settings as well as in the master, transaction, or customer data are recognized immediately and, if necessary, a completed year change can be repeated.

To benefit from the advantages of the SPEEDI Fiscal Year Change, the SAP Standard Year Change must be deactivated for the respective partners selected as well as for partners not executing a year Change.


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