SPEEDI File Upload

Uploading confirmations of arrival or forecast and JIT delivery schedules in XML or CSV format into the SAP software


In the supply chain, information with partners - suppliers and customers - is often exchanged via Excel, CSV, and XML files instead of uniformly via EDI. Converting these file formats into an SAP IDoc file with the correct IDoc base type and incorporation into the SAP software requires numerous manual steps that affect the process flow.


SPEEDI file upload puts an end to this. This IT tool can be used to upload confirmations of arrival or forecast and JIT delivery schedules received via e-mail in the form of an Excel file (XLS, XLSX), or foreign trade data in XML or CSV format to the SAP software, and to convert them into an IDoc record and the appropriate IDoc base type via mapping. If the data structure of the source file is not too complex, the correct conversion to the desired IDoc structure can be completely automated with SPEEDI File Upload. Otherwise, a little manual post-processing is required.

The configuration of the IT tool can be fine-tuned for sorting, splitting, and merging, so most of the use cases are covered by default. In cases where this is not possible, as with highly complex IDoc structures of an ASN with pronounced packing structures, SPEEDI File Upload can be flexibly extended by Business add-ins (BAdIs).

Since the mapping into the desired IDoc base type in SPEEDI takes place in a separate transaction, it is not necessary to purchase and maintain additional converter software. That is a big plus. If individual mappings are required, these are usually created in SPEEDI by specialists from WSW Software. On request, a customer can also configure them on their own.


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