SPEEDI Extended Incompleteness Check

Incompleteness Check in the Context of Delivery and Shipment Processing


The SAP standard also provides an incompleteness check in the context of delivery and shipment processing. Using this functionality, suppliers can determine whether the relevant fields in the SAP delivery and shipment document are filled out or if information is missing during a delivery. However, the configuration options of the incompleteness check are limited.


The solution is provided by the SPEEDI Extended Incompleteness Check, which optimally complements the SAP Standard and allows checking the correctness of field contents with great detail: at the level of the shipment header and item, the delivery note header and item, and the handling unit header and item. The vendor master data of the forwarding agent can also be checked if necessary.

SPEEDI Extended Incompleteness Check determines if the relevant fields are filled. However, the SPEEDI solution can also be set in such a way that a content check is carried out for certain fields. In terms of material number, these are, for example, individual values, intervals, inclusive or exclusive values, or numbers which are greater or smaller than a specific value. As a result, the data quality at the supplier improves significantly, and its customers incur no additional cost burden due to faulty EDI messages.

SPEEDI Extended Incompleteness Check also offers a high degree of flexibility, because the time for a SPEEDI incompleteness check can be set individually in the transport (LE-TRA). It can be set in such a way that it is carried out during transportation planning, during transport registration or only at the end of transport processing.


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