Solution SPEEDI Daimler RFID

Consistently mapping requirements in terms of RFID processes in SAP


As part of an Industry 4.0 project at the Sindelfingen plant (Factory 56) and the Jawor (Poland) engine plant, Daimler has converted its goods receipt processes to RFID technology. There are two different RFID scenarios. On the one hand, Daimler provides suppliers with special load carriers (SLC) that are tagged with RFID tags and contain an ID number that clearly identifies the SLCs. On the other hand, an RFID tag is attached to the back of the material tags (VDA 4902 label) for universal load carriers (ULC), which must contain the ID of the associated load carrier. An RFID rollout to other locations is also planned.


The SPEEDI Daimler RFID solution enables Daimler’s suppliers using SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA to consistently map the OEM’s requirements for RFID processes in their SAP systems.

1. RFID scenario for special load carriers (SLCs): SPEEDI Daimler RFID integrates the IDs contained on the RFID tags for the SLCs directly into the space provided on the electronic delivery note per VDA 4913 or VDA 4987. To do this, the RFID code must first be read in via scanner software and stored in the SAP handling unit (SAP HU) in the VEKP CONTENT field.

Traffic light functions are integrated into SPEEDI Daimler RFID, which signal immediately whether – and if so, which – RFID codes and therefore special load carriers are recognized. Regarding the transport status (for example, “Start loading”), the SPEEDI solution also checks whether the individual load carriers have already reached the HU user status assigned in the course of the scanning process. If this check fails, the traffic light turns red, and the transport processing is stopped.

2. RFID scenario for VDA 4902 label on universal load carriers (ULCs): SPEEDI Daimler RFID automatically generates the IDs with which the corresponding load carriers are to be written per the Daimler specifications and stores them in the VEKP CONTENT field in the SAP HU.

To assign the Daimler RFID label correctly and to code the RFID tag with the ID, RFID printer paper and an RFID-capable Zebra printer are required. The SPEEDI Label Engine provides the appropriate print program for this and label printing. In addition, WSW Software provides the mappings and mapping specifications required for the ID to appear on the Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN).


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