SPEEDI Audi NLK Pearl Chain

Meeting the Requirements of the AUDI Pearl Chain in JIS Processing


In the “Audi NLK Pearl Chain,” the automotive manufacturer Audi combines the requirements of the “Audi Pearl Chain” for JIS processing and the “New Logistics Concept” (NLK) of the Volkswagen Group. The NLK implements the principles of the production system - cycle, pull, flow, perfection (= zero faults) - in logistics. Thus, suppliers must map the “Pearl Chain” and the “New Logistics Concept” (NLK) in their SAP system.


The SPEEDI AUDI NLK Pearl Chain solution package provides all the necessary functions to meet these requirements. As a prerequisite, the SPEEDI NLK Pearl Chain solution, the SAP JIT component for processing the pearl chain, and the SPEEDI JIS functions for the configuration of the AUDI NLK Pearl Chain must be used.

The Pearl Chain process can thus be fully integrated and modified without modification in the SAP Standard and run smoothly - including the required forms and with the correct JIS scopes. For this purpose, the shipping release order in SPEEDI is linked to the JIS release order via a transport ID. The “logistical supplier reference number,” which Audi communicates to the supplier via NLK shipping release order, is automatically assigned to the correct part groups mapped in SPEEDI JIS. Next, the process data for EDI processing is set up. WSW Software recommends executing all JIS processing in SPEEDI JIS.

A monitor clearly displays all information relevant to this process, with traffic lights indicating the current delivery status. A great level of detail is ensured. You can access the relevant SAP documents per mouse click. The creation of NLK transports, the conversion of the forwarding agent number into a VW forwarding agent number, the generation, checking, and sending of the delivery notes, and the printing of the shipment documents or the pick-up sheet (VDA 4939) are carried out using special SPEEDI modules.


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