Integrate APERAK messages directly into the SAP software


The EDI communication between the supplier and customer in the automotive industry also includes feedback messages on outgoing EDI messages. These include messages in APERAK format as well. The customer, such as a car manufacturer for example, uses APERAK to confirm that he has received the supplier’s EDI message – dispatch notification (VDA 4987), transport notification (VDA 4933), invoice (VDA 4938) – or that he reports back semantic errors. The SAP standard does not offer the supplier any way of incorporating APERAK messages directly in its SAP system and assigning error messages to the associated source IDoc so that this is a time-consuming manual process by email.


The new SPEEDI APERAK solution from WSW Software eliminates this weakness, which optimally supplements the tried-and-true SPEEDI “Feedback messages” solution package. SPEEDI APERAK incorporates the customer's APERAK messages, such as an OEM, directly into the supplier’s SAP software. The APERAK message is mapped in a SPEEDI IDoc for this purpose and processed in SPEEDI. The SPEEDI solution automatically determines the associated source IDoc – invoice (INVOIC-IDoc), transport notification (SHPMNT IDoc) or dispatch notification (DESADV-IDoc) –, from which the EDI message for the customer was generated, and sets its status to “OK” or “Not OK.”

If the source IDoc contains semantic errors, an incorrect customer material number of a packaging or a notified but not ordered quantity, the responsible processor is immediately informed by email and can correct the IDoc immediately. This continuous and fast process flow offers real added value, because the quick rectification of errors makes it possible to avoid financial burdens or a worse supplier evaluation on the part of the OEM. At the same time, the processor has more time to complete other tasks.

APERAK messages containing semantic error messages can also be clearly visualized in a SPEEDI monitor and processed there in step-by-step. The processor can jump directly from the error message to the corresponding outbound document in the SAP system and correct it.

Another major advantage of the SPEEDI solution “APERAK” is its flexibility, thanks to which it can be used not only in the automotive industry, but also in other sectors such as the food Industry.


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