SPEEDI Additional Data

Processing and visualizing schedule line-specific additional data in conformance with SAP


To optimize logistics processes and reduce costs, OEMs also transmit additional data (RAN, LOT sequence, etc.) in addition to the usual EDI messages. Suppliers must fully and correctly incorporate this data into the scheduling agreement and send them through to the shipping department as it is required for the shipping notification and the accompanying documents. In doing so, OEM-specific requirements must be met. The SAP standard requires extensive customizing, individual programming, or an SAP DIMP installation.


With the SPEEDI Additional Data solution, which extends the SAP standard without modifications, these processes can be handled much more efficiently. From the SAP scheduling agreement (LZ) to the SAP shipping processes, SPEEDI Additional Data processes and visualizes schedule line-specific additional data in conformance with SAP. Additional data from EDI JIT delivery schedules is automatically written into the sales document (table VBEP). To transfer additional data directly to the shipping notification, the SPEEDI solution also writes it into the SHPMNT IDoc. The names under which the additional data is maintained can be configured in the SPEEDI master data at the level of the client or sales document.

Since the SPEEDI solution always processes the additional data in the same way, it is at the heart of many of the numerous OEM solutions stored in SPEEDI, as it can be used regardless of the process requirements of the respective OEM. As far as OEM-specific processes are concerned, SPEEDI Additional Data can be supplemented with appropriate SPEEDI modules and functions if required. On request, WSW Software also provides the mappings or mapping specifications needed for each OEM process. Incidentally, SPEEDI Additional Data can also be used to store additional data at the item data level of the sales document (table VBAP).


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