SPEEDI Output Long-Term Vendor Declarations

Issuing, monitoring, and updating customer LTVDs in SAP


Long-term vendor declarations (LTVDs) serve as a proof of preference or certificate of origin on the movement certificate (EUR.1 or EUR-MED) or the invoice. Export-oriented companies, which use SAP software and issue LTVDs for customers, as well as continuously monitor and update them as necessary, usually perform these processes outside of their SAP system, as the SAP Standard does not adequately support them. The new SAP S/4HANA for International Trade solution, which replaces the classic foreign trade components, currently does not provide preference processing functionality.


Help is provided by the innovative SPEEDI “Output Long-Term Vendor Declarations” (Output LTVDs) solution, which integrates seamlessly into an SAP system and extends it without modifications. All tasks associated with issuing, monitoring, and updating customer-specific LTVDs can thus be output with SPEEDI LTVD - therefore largely automated, based on consistent data (single point of truth), and can thus be executed in SAP with high efficiency and transparency. This is an important prerequisite to carry out preference determination in an exact and customs-compliant way and to make the best possible use of tariff advantages from preference agreements, since customers can then import goods and products at reduced or even duty-free rates.

A monitor manages all issued LTVDs centrally and visualizes them clearly so that the end-user always has a clear view of the declarations and their current status. It shows to which customers a declaration has already been submitted and which LTVDs must be updated.

The creation and dispatch of the LTVDs, including all information and the relevant cover letter, are also very quick and easy thanks to the convenient operation of the SPEEDI solution. The documents are generated directly from the SAP software and transmitted to the recipient in the desired format: on paper, as a fax, as a PDF file, or as an interactive PDF form (Adobe Forms). This is a big plus, as well as the fact that SPEEDI LTVD is available in multiple languages.


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