Transparency, efficiency and safety for production


Manufacturing companies, whether series, warehouse, individual or JIS manufacturers, who also want to be competitive in the future, have to continuously optimize processes in production, establish a seamless traceability (tracking and tracing) and create IIoT-based business models. The basic prerequisite for this is complete transparency with regard to what happens in manufacturing, including all process and product parameters.


This is where VALERIS, the modern, autonomous and easy-to-use Manufacturing Execution Solution (ME) from WSW Software comes into play, which digitally, and therefore in a one-to-one manner, reflects the shop floor processes. All production lines and their work stations can be quickly and conveniently digitally mapped with a graphic shop floor designer. VALERIS communicates bidirectionally here via OPC-UA and other interfaces with the production-related systems and processes all actual process parameters.

This creates exactly the transparency throughout the entire production process that, for example, makes it possible to seamlessly track products. This traceability is very important for complying with guidelines of the German Production Safety Act (ProdSG) or the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and therefore for preventing any claims from product liability.

Faulty products are identified immediately using target-actual comparisons of process parameters in real-time and are blocked for production. This and the possibility of digitally executing and confirming test instructions in VALERIS improves the product quality and therefore the efficiency of the production process. At the same time, it provides a high level of process reliability, as do the process interlocking functions, which automatically lock processes if necessary.

With its modern and lean system architecture and a freely configurable reporting tool, VALERIS also offers the possibility of high-performance, comprehensive data analyses. This makes it possible to promptly and continuously collect standardized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Likewise, deviations or faults on a system can be immediately detected and visualized, and targeted maintenance or repair measures in the sense of predictive maintenance can be initiated, significantly reducing errors, scrap quantities and downtimes.

Since VALERIS can be bidirectionally linked via interfaces with the existing ERP software (e.g. SAP) or JIS and logistics platforms, like LOJISTIX, current data from the shop floor can also be incorporated into the information flow of these IT systems. This is an important prerequisite for uncovering and utilizing potential for optimization in production.

In all of this, VALERIS offers the user an optimal user experience (UX), because it clearly visualizes all data on modern, intuitive user interfaces and safely guides the user with dialog support through all process or configuration steps. However custom dashboards, which provide every user – worker, shift manager, production manager or plant manager – with the information required to perform their duties, can quickly and easily be generated as well. As needed, process and production parameters, such as torque, angle of rotation, weight, process pressure and process temperature, can also be flexibly configured on your own with little effort.

Another benefit of VAELRIS from WSW Software is the user, role and skill set management, which is intuitive to configure and can be used to set the authorization profile of the respective employee for every single production step according to the employee's qualification and task profile. Training needs can therefore be identified at an early stage and corresponding measures can be scheduled and executed promptly. When registering, a user’s qualifications for the respective work station are automatically checked and the authorizations are released.


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