Transparency, efficiency and safety for production


For medium-sized manufacturing companies, whether series, warehouse, individual or JIS manufacturers, a clear view of what is happening and of all process and product parameters on the shop floor is one of the aspects relevant to competition. The starting point for this is the use of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). However, smaller and medium-sized manufacturers often refrain from implementing a "classic" MES due to the high time and cost involved and the dependence on an IT service provider or supplier. A fast and cost-effective entry into digital manufacturing is therefore required.


This is made possible by the lean and intuitive web-based ME solution VALERIS from WSW Software, whose introduction and roll-out can be carried out without outside help. The costs for external IT consultants are thus eliminated and the IT budget is spared.

Free configuration according to the low-code approach

This and the fact that specialist users and process engineers can freely configure process and production parameters in VALERIS according to the low-code approach and thus without special IT knowledge on their own, compare them with target values or historical data and link them to the process logic or reporting, is a great advantage. It relieves the internal IT, which has more room for the core tasks. The logical sequence of manufacturing processes and dependencies is mapped and described in a graphical editor. Using predefined action templates, it is possible to specify in the editor for each machine and each workstation the logical sequence in which actions are to be performed, such as scan operations or read-write operations in relation to the system status.

Since VALERIS maps all production lines and workstations in the form of a digital twin, the shop floor processes and the production logic are reflected one-to-one. The resulting transparency allows seamless tracking and tracing of products. This is an important prerequisite for complying with legal regulations relating to product liability and product safety, for optimizing production processes in line with GMP, and for proving traceability to customers on request. In addition, a target/actual comparison of process parameters in real time allows defective products to be identified directly on the line, and inspection instructions are also carried out and confirmed digitally. Process interlocking functions automatically intervene if there are irregularities and block the further production of the product. All this together helps to improve product quality and to handle manufacturing processes very efficiently and safely.

Simple operation, detailed analyses

In all of this, a user interface designed according to the user experience guides the user through process, configuration or administration steps with dialog support, which accelerates workflows and prevents incorrect entries. The end-users also learn to use VALERIS quite easily and quickly thanks to the UX design.

The MES also provides a freely configurable reporting tool in which actual process parameters can be analyzed in detail and visualized in individual dashboards or reports, and standardized KPIs can be collected continuously and in real time. In this way, deviations from defined threshold values as well as malfunctions at machines and workstations are detected immediately. Production and process managers or maintenance personnel are thus given the opportunity to initiate measures in a targeted manner. This significantly reduces errors, scrap rates and downtimes.

Since VALERIS can be linked bidirectionally via interfaces with the existing ERP solution (e.g. SAP) and/or JIS and logistics platform such as LOJISTIX from WSW Software, current shop floor data flows directly into these IT systems. In this way, additional optimization potential can be identified and leveraged in the factory halls, while at the same time creating the basis for production in the sense of Industry 4.0.

Conveniently manage users, roles and skill sets

Users, roles and skill sets can also be conveniently managed in the MES, and the authorization profile of the respective employee can be configured for each production step according to his qualification and task profile. When registering, a user’s qualifications for the respective work station are automatically checked and the authorizations are released. Based on the stored validity period of the respective skill set, training needs for employees can also be identified at an early stage and appropriate training can be planned and carried out as required.

Easily expand multilingual display

VALERIS is currently available in English and German , which are displayed according to the user's configuration. An editor built into the MES makes it possible to set up additional languages as well as customer-specific translations in a simple and targeted manner.

The ME solution VALERIS, which is constantly being further developed, also offers a high degree of flexibility due to its modern system architecture. It is scalable, can be operated in the cloud (private/public), hybrid or on premises and can be used on any device with a current Internet browser installed.


Would you like to learn more about VALERIS from WSW Software? We look forward to advising you. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.