LOJISTIX System Monitor

Efficient and Gap-free Monitoring


In a sequencing solution, many processes are automated and carried out in the background as part of the JIS process. It is, therefore, even more important that errors in the EDI transmission, for example, or problems with connected peripherals such as printers are detected and remedied at an early stage. This is possible if the current state and parameters of the JIS system can be monitored continuously and precisely down to the lowest level - according to the individual requirements.


With the System Monitor, LOJISTIX enables efficient and gap-free monitoring of all installations worldwide, providing a clear view of the entire JIS system. The System Monitor is a central component of the comprehensive monitoring functions of the JIS and logistics platform LOJISTIX.

Flexibly configurable traffic lights signal immediately when preset tolerances or time buffers are exceeded. Errors and problems are recognized in a timely manner and can be dealt with immediately. Error reports are provided via Internet Explorer on the Reporting screen of the LOJISTIX client or, if desired, directly in the LOJISTIX client on the Reporting screen.

The System Monitor serves as a central cockpit that unites different monitors into a single view: for example, a process and error monitor, an EDI subsystem monitor, and an EDI sender monitor, and a print monitor. Since the System Monitor and the other monitors are based on the Reporting Services in Microsoft SQL Server, there are no additional Microsoft license costs - a significant advantage.

The process monitor is used to control the individual subprocesses such as EDI entry with mapping, impulse processing, print operation, shipping, or the EDI output. If traffic lights signal an error, it is possible to drill down directly into the error monitor, which lists all errors and error messages. There, it can then be quickly and accurately determined in which LOJISTIX installation and in which process - vehicle, container, message - an error has occurred and what triggered it, for example, incomplete vehicles.

The EDI subsystem monitor monitors the incoming and outgoing communication between LOJISTIX and the respective connected IT systems, whether EDI subsystem, manufacturing execution system (MES) or SAP ERP system. You can see for each system, when it last processed a file, such as an EDI or import file. If the predefined time tolerance is exceeded, the traffic light turns red, and a quick reaction is required. The EDI sender monitor functions similarly. It monitors the transmission date of the EDI messages sent by each customer (OEM). If there is no EDI transmission in the specified time tolerance, the respective sender is highlighted in red.

The printing of labels, lists, and shipment papers is an integral part of the intra- and inter-logistics processes. With the print monitor, the printers configured in LOJISTIX can be monitored down to the printer drivers. Among others, it indicates whether the toner is running low, there is a paper jam, the paper chute is empty, or whether an increasing number of jobs is stuck in the queue. The latter may indicate that the operating speed of a printer is too low and there, therefore, is an increased risk of failure in the near future.


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