LOJISTIX SAP Integration Package

High-performance and Consistent Bidirectional Data Exchange


A sequencing solution used for JIS processing must often collaborate with an ERP system such as SAP ERP to manage material and customer master data and parts lists, as well as warehouse management processes. The high-performance and consistent bidirectional data exchange between the JIS and an ERP solution such as SAP ERP is, therefore, an essential prerequisite for highly efficient JIS processes. It must be clearly defined, for which data the JIS or ERP application is the leading IT system.


For companies that process their JIS processes in this JIS application, but use SAP ERP for business processes, the SAP Integration Package from LOJISTIX enables the smooth data exchange between the applications. The SAP Integration Package establishes cross-system communication between LOJISTIX and the existing SAP ERP installation through remote function calls (RFC) and a TCP/IP connection. A file interface is unnecessary.

The RFC interface protocol forms the bridge to call and execute ABAP function modules directly from LOJISTIX in the SAP system and to create SAP IDocs there. Feedback from the JIS process, for example about the production orders, the manufactured components (backflush), or the creation of a delivery, is also transferred by LOJISTIX to the SAP software, where it is processed immediately. The SAP standard functions are called directly using special functions. The same applies to the automatic transfer of master data from SAP - material master data, customer material information, parts lists - to LOJISTIX, which ensures that the data is up to date. In terms of master data, the SAP software is the leading IT system, including inventory management and the creation of outbound deliveries, which is essential for settlement per self-billing.


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