LOJISTIX Production System

Just-in-Sequence Processing (JIS)


Just-in-Sequence (JIS) is considered the “supreme discipline” among logistics processes. Suppliers, logistics and sequencing service providers all need a state-of-the-art, powerful, highly configurable, and highly available JIS and logistics platform as a central driver for their JIS processes in order to supply the customer’s production at any time sequence-compliantly and on schedule. Such an application should work in conjunction with the ERP system, enable the connection of warehouse management systems (WMS) and manufacturing execution systems (MES), and support machine-to-machine scenarios (M2M).


The self-sufficient, modular, and intuitive LOJISTIX JIS standard solution from WSW Software based on Microsoft.NET fulfills these requirements almost optimally. It completely covers the JIS process: from EDI integration (incoming and outgoing) to final assembly control, container planning and reservation, picking and labeling, all the way to shipping based on production-synchronized release orders and the processing of logistically homogeneous processes. LOJISTIX provides built-in mappings for incorporating and deploying EDI files in OEM format and can be quickly and easily customized by configuration and modeling to meet individual JIS process requirements.

LOJISTIX works self-sufficiently or in combination with an ERP system such as SAP ERP, be it as the leading system or as a fallback solution, and at the same time offers interfaces for connecting WMS and MES. As it is possible to exchange data directly with production controls in terms of Industry 4.0 using M2M communication, production orders can be traced without gaps, and the shop floor processes optimized. All this makes LOJISTIX a comprehensive JIS and logistics platform.

According to the availability requirements, the LOJISTIX application and database server is installed centrally in the data center or locally at the sites. The hardware requirements are low. Thanks to efficient monitoring functions with a system, enterprise, and a business monitor, the installations can be monitored without gaps. Traffic lights signal every error immediately and drill down can be used to determine in which installation and in which process, for example, EDI processing, it occurred. Since the individual monitors are based on the Reporting Services in Microsoft SQL Server, there are no additional Microsoft license costs - a significant advantage.

When implementing LOJISTIX, companies also benefit from short run times and low costs. This is ensured by the standardized and template-based methodology of WSW Software, which also provides all services - ITIL-compliant 24/7 support from Germany and managed services - from a single source.


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