LOJISTIX Machine2Machine

Seamless Connection of Machine Controls


With a JIS and logistics platform, which serves as a central driver for just-in-sequence processing, it should be possible to realize IIoT scenarios in terms of Industry 4.0 to optimize customer-sequence-related production. The JIS application must offer the possibility to connect machine controls as well as test systems on the shop floor so that data can be exchanged directly via machine-to-machine communication (M2M).


The LOJISTIX machine connection module enables seamless integration of the JIS system into the existing production and thus direct M2M communication, which ensures high process reliability in the information exchange. In the course of a sequence call, production orders are entered directly from LOJISTIX in the correct order into a machine control via the machine connection via TCP/IP connection. The JIS application reads out actual data from the machine control and links it with the production number so that a job can be traced continuously, and its current status can be seen at any time. This increases transparency and improves the ability to provide information to the customer. Recently, LOJISTIX has been able to network with production-related systems via the open OPC UA format and to communicate with them, with the JIS application acting as an OPC UA client.

Using M2M communication, LOJISTIX can also retrieve current key figures from a machine control or machine control station: for example, the torque, OK and NOK messages, test results and, as required, fault, set-up, lead, and rework times. This data provides valuable insights to optimize production utilization and reduce lead time and error rates - a competitive advantage in JIS processes. The standardized M2M connection can be established directly on the LOJISTIX client screens, but also for background processes.

In addition, LOJISTIX can be linked to a manufacturing execution system (MES) and directly exchange information, allowing efficient control of assembly orders. LOJISTIX transmits the assembly orders as well as component information for the JIS production to the MES. Immediately after completing an assembly order, the MES sends to the JIS application, whether the assembly order was completed OK or NOK. In the event of NOK feedback, the repeat production of the corresponding order can be promptly initiated in LOJISTIX.


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