LOJISTIX Enterprise Monitor

Configurable Enterprise Monitor


In the JIS process, business success for automotive suppliers, logistics or sequencing service providers essentially depends on being able to survey, monitor, and efficiently control all JIS installations and thus delivery projects across all locations, down to the action level.


This is precisely where LOJISTIX's configurable Enterprise Monitor comes into play, enabling JIS suppliers across all locations to centrally and efficiently monitor all LOJISTIX installations and thus all JIS projects. The Microsoft SQL servers of the decentralized LOJISTIX installations are interconnected via Microsoft Linked Server and regularly send current data to the central database of the Enterprise Monitor, which controls all data flow.

Traffic light functions clearly visualize the current status of each JIS project. The presentation can be refined by drill-down - down to the action level as required. This means that the traffic lights signal, for example, whether the individual containers were processed correctly or incorrectly, during container planning. The Enterprise Monitor also indicates when each LOJISTIX installation sent information to the central database for the last time, if there was an interruption in the flow of data, and its cause.

The Enterprise Monitor can be set up and operated as a stand-alone system upstream of the system monitors but can also be integrated into other existing reports or cockpits if desired. Like the System Monitor, the reports are provided via Internet Explorer on the Reporting screen of the LOJISTIX client or directly in the LOJISTIX client on the Reporting screen. Since the Enterprise Monitor, like the other monitors, is based on the Reporting Services in Microsoft SQL Server, there are no additional Microsoft license costs - a significant advantage.


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