LOJISTIX Business Monitor

Flexible and Individual Monitors


JIS suppliers use a sequencing solution to handle a multitude of different processes - from EDI integration (inbound and outbound) to container planning and reservation as well as picking to shipping. In some cases, the processes are adapted to individual or project-specific requirements. To efficiently and clearly monitor processes that deviate from predefined standards, the analyzes and cockpits in a JIS software must be flexibly definable in terms of business logic and visualization, and traffic lights must be freely configurable.


Using the Business Monitor in LOJISTIX, special monitors can be implemented quickly and easily, which are optimally adapted to the individual processes within the framework of JIS processing and enable their efficient monitoring. The Business Monitor provides a flexible and freely definable framework for mapping and visualizing the current status in a business process, for example, whether a container is in shipping or a vehicle in production. The traffic light functions can be flexibly configured so that it can be determined according to the individual requirements at which process status the traffic light shows green, yellow, or red.

Depending on which object type is concerned - vehicle, container, JIT order - the Business Monitor can be extended as required so that additional attributes are displayed for a specific object type: for example, the last sequence number or the vehicle number. The process status is displayed in tabular form if also desired as a graphic or a diagram.

Like the Enterprise Monitor and the System Monitor, the reports can be provided in the Business Monitor via Internet Explorer on the Reporting screen of the LOJISTIX client or directly in the LOJISTIX client on the Reporting screen. It can also be integrated into the cockpit of the System Monitor at any time. Since the Business Monitor, like the other monitors, is based on the Reporting Services in Microsoft SQL Server, there are no additional Microsoft license costs - a significant advantage.


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