Volkswagen’s New Virtual Pallet VWPAL: SPEEDI Covers Shipping Requirements Out-of-the-box.

Blaue Versandbehälter, die sich auf Paletten versandbereit in einem Lager befinden.

With a special SPEEDI function, the 644 module, Volkswagen suppliers can correctly incorporate the packaging specifications of this OEM for packages into their SAP system using the virtual pallet VWPAL, and send them through to shipping. There, the packing information is required for the shipping documents and the advanced shipping notification.

Using the virtual pallet VWPAL, which is intended exclusively for use with universal small load carriers (SLC) and is synonymous with the sub-pallets VW0012 and 114003, Volkswagen aims to simplify the handling of containers in this area. For this purpose, the OEM has consolidated the containers and provided with new codes. On the one hand, the number of containers was reduced by half from 54 to 27, and on the other hand, they now contain the VWPAL instead of the sub-pallet numbers.

For suppliers, which are going to deliver their components to Volkswagen based on VWPAL containers, this means: In the context of shipping processing, the virtual pallet VWPAL must now appear on shipping documents such as the shipment document or the transport label, instead of the respective sub-palette (VW0012 or 114003). At the same time, the virtual pallet must also be transmitted to Volkswagen via EDI, in the transport notification per VDA 4933 and the advanced shipping notification per VDA 4987.

Module 644, which is provided out-of-the-box as a toolbox by the SAP-based SPEEDI platform, covers these requirements already. This eliminates the need for a complex adaptation of both the shipping forms as well as the advanced shipping notification per VDA 4987 – a real added value for the suppliers.

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