VAT ID check according to Quick Fixes: Perform integrated in SAP with SPEEDI

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With the proven SPEEDI solution “VAT ID no. check,” the validity of the value added tax identification number (VAT ID no.) of business partners in countries outside the EU can be integrated according to the requirements of the quick fixes and therefore efficiently checked in SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA . This is a critical factor, because in the context of the quick fixes, i.e. advanced measures of the future EU Value Added Tax Directive, the validity of the VAT ID no. constitutes a key material and legal prerequisite for tax-exempt intra-community deliveries.

The necessary queries can be implemented with the SPEEDI solution "VAT ID no. query,” which expands the SAP standard without modifications, both in the portal of the Federal Central Tax Office (FCTO) as well as in the VIES search engine of the EU Commission. A qualified VAT ID no. query and a written “official confirmation” can be requested in the Federal Central Tax Office portal. The corresponding settings are quickly and easily made via a couple of mouse clicks.

A SPEEDI monitor clearly visualizes the result of such a VAT ID no. check. Traffic light functions immediately indicate whether the queried value added tax identification numbers match the data stored in the SAP master data. A red signal indicates an error so that measures can be taken immediately in order to determine the correct VAT ID no. and store it in the SAP software.

In order to further increase the efficiency of the processes associated with the VAT ID no. check and to ensure legal compliance, the SPEEDI solutionVAT ID no. check” is constantly being developed in accordance with the quick fixes. For example, in the future it should be possible to define contact partners who are immediately informed by email in case of a negative comparison and who will track the process. It is also planned to have a function that simultaneously checks the VAT ID no. in the VIES search engine when creating or storing a sales document and sets a delivery block directly in the document if the number is invalid. In addition, the analysis of the check results are to be made even simpler using another SPEEDI monitor.

The WSW Software product catalog offers more detailed information about the SPEEDI solution "VAT ID no. check.”

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